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I noticed the source code is gone from the GitHub project. Is it coming back? I'd love to check it out, as an aspiring Vectrex programmer.

Oh wow, I forgot to merge it back into master, the code was still on the initialImplementation branch, thanks for pointing that out! It's back on master now, it should show up.

I'm not sure if there's much to learn from Storm Storm's code, since it was my first Vectrex game. I should also point out that some of it is in my wrapper library prism where I keep stuff that I think might come handy when making another game (though I haven't come around to doing something for Vectrex again yet).

Either way, I hope you are successful with your Vectrex aspirations!


Many thanks! I checked out the code quickly and it looks very nicely organized and commented. I was particularly interested in your Storm Storm source, as you have managed to make a very slick game in 2KB, which is the only such example I'm aware of on the Vectrex--especially one for which source is available. A small game should be easier to learn from. Thanks again!