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Why is interlaced mode not recommended on the 500/600? I assume you mean on 512K ChipRAM Amigas?

What language/tools do you use to develop and port the game?

Colour me impressed! (No pun intended! Just a coinkydink.) I thought this might very well be AGA--but read through the comments to find out. Surprised you didn't use EHB mode, as it looks like this graphic style could have taken advantage of the extra 32 half-bright colors of that mode.

Currently just throws an error when booting the ROM.

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Which CRT types do you offer for download? I see GS64, Ocean, and EF in the comments.

Did you use the GS64 version or original EF version?

*Very* cool game! My only criticism is that it feels particularly slow and sluggish. If it could could be sped up to LadyBug speed (like John's original 2600 version), or nearly as fast, I would definitely buy this and even give my dad a Lynx and a copy of it, so that he could play (his favorite arcade and ColecoVision game was Lady Bug)

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Woah! The game that blew me away more than any other, ever, is now native and enhanced (and, ahem, "DLC"ed)? Any chance for a Linux version, Twinbeard? I will definitely be buying the DLC, ofc!

Many thanks! I checked out the code quickly and it looks very nicely organized and commented. I was particularly interested in your Storm Storm source, as you have managed to make a very slick game in 2KB, which is the only such example I'm aware of on the Vectrex--especially one for which source is available. A small game should be easier to learn from. Thanks again!

I noticed the source code is gone from the GitHub project. Is it coming back? I'd love to check it out, as an aspiring Vectrex programmer.