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Haha thanks! I appreciate it! :)


Wow-- in one month, you've gotten so far and it's amazing! I really love the 777 and Nell's interactions. And I also like Haney. Those screens when you switch to a new chapter are awesome too; and while I don't listen to the music too much due to habit, I'm really into what I have heard. I think you're doing great! (And Killersoul is a sweetie minus the whole... crime thing xD)

Thank you so much! :) Having a weekly deadline has really helped me meet my goals. Thanks for checking back in on the game! :)

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This may be a small bug but I can't access other chapters-- just Chapter 23. Also the minigame is really a stumper-- I figured it'd be stage two and round four and the thing at the end, but apparently I was mistaken.

Mellie is very quickly becoming my favorite Gamemaster because she's silly and also very lethargic and honestly I identify with that. 

(also poor 778... I hope he reunites with Nell soon. He's taking it pretty hard, haha.)

Hmm.. that does sound like a bug. You mean Chapters 1 through 22 are all hidden or something, or do you mean Chapters 24 and 25 are hidden? In the latter's case, getting to the end of Chapter 23 will unlock Chapter 24, which will unlock 25.

As for the minigame: apparently the design is much more confusing than I thought! Here's a hint that I think will help: you can select more than one word from each column. Just select all the words that apply. :)


When I try to click on previous chapters (to reread) it jumps me straight to Chapter 23.

Ah! I didn't realize you could click multiple in one column. My apologies xD 

Hmm... OK I think I know what the issue is -- it will be fixed next update. I'm sorry about the columns, in hindsight that was much more confusing than it needed to be, I'll be changing that as well. :)


It's not your fault on the columns, I'm just a bit of a dumb butt and figured it was more like Prison of Lies (where you didn't have to click one word or thing in every column), haha. 

Glad the issue can be fixed! You're doing really great on the visual novel. I really love the characters and the story's interesting. (But I miss Nell, haha.)

Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it :)