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Almost a year later, I am still stupid at muddling around the escape room xD

This looks awesome! Time to use Wine to play through it again. It's both adorable, and yet compared to your Treat games it feels a little eerie too. I'm really excited to play it.

This looks beautiful! I'm excited to see the final product now.

Aw man! This looks awesome. I'm looking forward to replaying the whole visual novel haha

I played for most of the day today, haha. Unfortunately I can't figure out that one ending with the detective's secrets, but overall the art and the story was really fun to experience; even multiple times in a row.

I'm just glad to hear this game's almost finished! Really excited to finally get/play it.

Aaahhh thank you! I'm glad you like it!

Are you on PC or Mac? Mac has the automatic thing where it will unzip files on its own; PC you might need something like WinZip. (I don't know, I do not own a PC.)

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I made a visual novel for this game jam (it's also a submission for Ace Jam 2020, but it was all completed within the jam period) based on the old Chinese myth of Chang'e, the moon lady... with a touch of slice of life, a stranger who cannot speak her language, and ace girls.

It's about ten thousand words long, so it's a pretty quick play if you read quick. However, warning, there are flashing images in the game, so players with epilepsy might want to refrain from playing.

The music was all copyright free music, and all assets were created within the time period of this jam. The GUI code was based off of a different game that I'd been making.

Well, I just realized I never reviewed this game, which is a gross oversight on my part. 

This is such a good game; the CGs are so beautifully drawn but then the characters look perfect– almost like the original show, except with a little bit of originality that feels and looks great. I unfortunately haven't played through to listen to the music due to playing this while I was supposed to be working, but the comedic moments always hit well and the writing almost feels like it's a continuation of the show.

TLDR; I love the game a lot! It's cute and you can tell how much work and passion went into the project.

Killersoul's kind of a sweetie haha. I'm really enjoying the mysteries– and it's getting really juicy here, haha. >:) I'm excited!

It's okay that it's late! Take your time! I'm just really happy to see the updates– they're always really fun. I like Ashdown and Woes, and Tronen's not bad either. I feel bad for them though xD 

I really love this game! And I hope we get to a thousand downloads soon– you've been doing awesome.

You're doing fantastic! I'm really happy I managed to find this visual novel; the characters are engaging and the pictures are really well done, all fitting this really quirky style that I seriously love. Not to mention the story itself is interesting and you never reveal your hand too early, so a lot of the backstory is sitting in the dark and we stumble across it or it leaps out at us without warning. And 7-whatever-number-of-mysteries-he's-solved-now and Nell's friendship! (I hope they make up eventually fjdk;a)

Thank you very much! I really love the mystery so far-- and what I ended up doing was running the Windows version with Wine, because I loved the story a lot. I really like the characters and Beatris's backstory is very interesting to me. You've done a lovely job! 

Something interesting I noticed is that the game has the fixed 'level up' until I spend pearls on the defense things, and then suddenly it... doesn't, anymore. Like it'll start increasing. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be a feature or if the fixed level-up was the bug in the first place...

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This is pretty enjoyable! I enjoy the Persuasion and Questioning. Makes me feel smarter than I actually am, haha. 

One small note for the Mac version; it doesn't appear to let me save for some reason. I know that it's an unstable version, but it's still a bit of an exasperating experience to try to use the phone, only to be unable to save the game. It also means that I lost my progress once I got pretty far in the game, which was a pain. 

I still loved the game so far; but unfortunately I think until you can make a stable Mac version I might hold off on playing the full version.

It's really cute! I absolutely love it (again). 

Ooooh, I like this so far. I especially liked how you just get tossed into the woods with no explanation. Like, "hey, spooky forest-- in ya go!!!" 

Very much like a first-person fairy-tale so far. Really excited to see the full version.

It's not your fault on the columns, I'm just a bit of a dumb butt and figured it was more like Prison of Lies (where you didn't have to click one word or thing in every column), haha. 

Glad the issue can be fixed! You're doing really great on the visual novel. I really love the characters and the story's interesting. (But I miss Nell, haha.)

The sixty dollars is for early access-- you get access to each route as it comes out. 30 dollars is cheaper and is for after the game is fully released; so depending on if you want to see the rest of the game now or if you're willing to wait until it's finished, both prices are fine! 30 is cheaper though, so if you feel like 60 is too much it might be better to wait until it's come out.

When I try to click on previous chapters (to reread) it jumps me straight to Chapter 23.

Ah! I didn't realize you could click multiple in one column. My apologies xD 

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This may be a small bug but I can't access other chapters-- just Chapter 23. Also the minigame is really a stumper-- I figured it'd be stage two and round four and the thing at the end, but apparently I was mistaken.

Mellie is very quickly becoming my favorite Gamemaster because she's silly and also very lethargic and honestly I identify with that. 

(also poor 778... I hope he reunites with Nell soon. He's taking it pretty hard, haha.)

Thanks very much! Sorry for the inconvenience haha.

Ahhh, that's awkward. I have the game downloaded; I just can't download the newest file.

Sorry to bother you-- the image is mostly to show that I have indeed had an older version xD

Just to check-- if we've already downloaded the game, we won't have to pay for new content? Sorry, I know you said it above, but I want to double-check, since I'm... very paranoid, evidently.

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I think my only complaint is that Leena takes forever to level up and mind break.... like the others have a few higher-level things, but Leena takes literally days to get anywhere with. Otherwise, this game is well done so far! The overarching storyline is interesting.

The Mac version doesn't... really work, it just has a file labeled "" or something. :/

Wow-- in one month, you've gotten so far and it's amazing! I really love the 777 and Nell's interactions. And I also like Haney. Those screens when you switch to a new chapter are awesome too; and while I don't listen to the music too much due to habit, I'm really into what I have heard. I think you're doing great! (And Killersoul is a sweetie minus the whole... crime thing xD)

I have the same problem.

I'm actually unable to open the file on Mac; it just said I wasn't allowed to look at the folder.

I'm not going to lie, this was extremely fun! Saeva reminded me of Lycoris a bit (face-wise), but your art style's really cute and the puzzles were absolutely lovely. I was (truthfully) a bit stupid in muddling around the escape room but I figured it out!

... but cliffhangers.


You've given a new definition to cliffhangers.

This is less of a bug than a slight logical fallacy, but I've found that after PE if I click on the door to PE again it says "There's no PE today, so there's no reason to go in there" or something like that. Version 1.23. I just found it a bit weird.

This is a great game! I found you after playing of Prison of Lies and I'm really enjoying the deductions and the little gimmicks. And 772/773. He's the funniest guy.

Do you have a hint on how you get get Claude and his ??? partner? I've been trying for a week or two now in my off time, haha.

This is such a cute game! (Even if I play with all the kitties on. Thank you for not making me uncomfortable, space kitties!) I'm having a little trouble getting three hearts for some characters, like Florbet... is there any way some kind of guide could come (heh. cum.) out? Or like a kind of hint for the other characters? Sorry, I just played the game like six times and I'm still squinting at the whole thing, haha. 

Beautiful art and such cute characterization! Krypto made me laugh when I was more patient with him. He is pretty smart, though!

How did I miss this

but I'm gonna play now

Will this be available for Mac as well? It looks cool!

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Crashed the end, so far, and was also alone. Does anyone know how to get the third ending?

As an ace who was curious about sex, this was surprisingly... helpful? I don't know, I really liked the writing xD