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I don't recall if I ever commented on this; however this game is absolutely beautiful and I'm looking forward to the full version.

I'm sure people will make Let's Plays so that you can see it anyway! It's understandable that you'd be disappointed, though.

Forgotten fun... wow! This was... terrifying xD

I would like to point out that this game, made by a team of small people, cost over 13,000 dollars to make and has taken at least a few years. They do have to make a profit somehow. Not to mention, many other visual novels-- professional ones made in large teams, mind you-- cost just as much. I do understand that you don't want to pay for something that doesn't have a continuous adventure, as you put, but this game has plenty of replay value and several routes and 'bad endings'-- 30 dollars considering all of the factors above is really not that expensive. However, I don't know how much it costs in your country; so not buying it if you don't believe you can afford it is a valid choice. I'm not certain I got your point from your reply, though, so I apologize if I'm harping on.

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This was lovely!! Will there eventually be a walkthrough of some kind to unlock all the endings (or I suppose an ending guide)? I absolutely love the endings that I've seen. You guys did a great job.

Aahhh, nice! xD

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This is adorable! I'm excited to play through. But (spoilers) how do you date Brooks??

This looks really cool; but I'm on Mac and when I tried to open it this popped up:

Could not find platform dependent libraries <exec_prefix>

Consider setting $PYTHONHOME to <prefix>[:<exec_prefix>]

ImportError: No module named site

It won't open; basically. This does look great though!

!!! Yes!!!

Holy crap. That ending. Absolutely brilliant. 

Haha, yeah, I would've liked to add more choices and exposition too. As it was, I barely finished coding everything an hour before the deadline, so adding in more would probably have caused more stress than is really healthy.  I'd probably make a longer version in the future, but I'm not entirely sure if anyone particularly wants it, haha. I'm glad you enjoyed it, though!

Ah, I see. I actually make all of the art for my games and at the moment don't really need any help to make more. I do appreciate the offer, though!

I'm not certain what you mean by that; the game is already finished along with the art?

This game is quite big; the Common Route alone took me over two hours to play, and one of the routes (Beckett's) took another hour or so to play. If the other routes are anything like Beckett's, this results in eight or nine hours of gameplay at minimum. That being said, I do understand the iffiness about price, as I paid 60 dollars to beta test; but you are paying for several hours of content, music, and art, hence the large price.

I gotta say, you've got me excited. I'm ready. ;3

This is so adorable!! I love it! Am trying to figure out how to get the meal where they're all together.

Doki Doki Literature Club; there is a video where it's a 'rap battle' between Ayano and Monika and she elaborates on it a bit.

Ahhh; this is only for Windows. Will this ever be a Mac game as well?


Ohhhhhh I love this


Gorgeous game so far. I love Mei's personality, and Rika and Mariko are lovely as well. (Kira is adorable). I really like how we talked about horror so much; it was well fitting. I can't wait until it's out! I think the shading on some of the clothing could be fixed, but I think the art really fits.


Just thought I'd mention that the demo has received a huge update, if you're interested!

HOW DARE YOU! My poor heart at the end... I wanna smack whoever was mean to them. But Moxie, Mochi and Treat are finally all together! They get along so well! I love it!! I absolutely adore the whole game. Wonderful visuals and such a cute story! I also loved seeing all those cameos from your other games, but now I'm mad and wanna kick whoever dared mess up the lovely garden! It's so absolutely gorgeous and adorable and I love it! I can't wait until the next one comes and this was just adorable!

Ohh! This is so cute! Will you eventually make it available for Mac?

Every once in a while when I attempt to start the first chat with the others (Suuj and Ex etc) it'll just say 'we can't load this'. I did try closing and reopening the window and that worked, but I found it pretty weird as well.

Occasionally-- other times it works.

It's great! Problem, though, there seems to be a weird NVL error in the Mac mode.

Thank you very much! This IS a rough demo since I'm trying to get the stuff up, but I'm glad you liked what is there so far!

That's alright! One more day's not much to wait. It sounds like it's going to be great either way, and you all are busy so it doesn't matter how much time you take-- whatever you make, it's always great!

This is an INCREDIBLY rough demo; will be updated as time goes on.

I am ridiculously excited for this release, I'm not gonna lie. The first half was phenomenally done and I can't wait for the second.

Is there supposed to be more to the story, or is it just a short kinetic novel?

I really enjoyed the demo (and the beta version but I digress). It was really funny seeing how Alison could be rather sarcastic/sassy (“Let’s just say everyone is married and call it a day” and also vulnerable and frightened (Cat, looking at you here, you suck but as a villain I love you). Definitely a multifaceted character on her own, and wonderful to see how she interacts with the lovely Marin. 

July is a sweetheart, Zax is very smooth at trying to hire people (even though he fails with Alison, haha), Halt is like a big grouchy protective cat (heh), Beckett is a lovely person, and Dexter Ardent is... Dexter Ardent. (Translation; He is one of my favorites.)

Oof. Sorry for the ridiculously long review.

This is a really cute game! I feel like the relationship between Froyo and Pichu moved a bit fast, but I still loved it! 

One question, though: I keep getting a 'GAME OVER' screen after pointing out the mosquito needle, regardless of which choice I get-- is there some way to get past this screen? I keep getting stuck as there seems to be nothing to click. Then again, that might just be me committing a massive dummy move. xD

Such a pretty game! I'd complain about placeholders but even those felt less weird to me than anything.

I’m really glad you enjoyed it! In retrospect, I wish I’d done a better job, but I guess it was alright considering I had a week to complete it. Thank you for the comment!

It took me a second to realize, but Snow's in here too! Very happy x3

Hello! Is it possible to be a Shika and get Paris? (Or a Reaver.)

A walkthrough would be really helpful, I guess! 

No problem! I'm super excited to play the game.

Sorry to ask-- I know that your devlog says that there's a platform patch, but I can't see the Mac patch in the folder. Do you know where it is?