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Aah, of course! Is it for the text box sprites or for the waist-up pic?

Just tell me exactly what you want and I'll start it soon!

Just give me like a design idea you have and I’ll get my minions (artists) to do the updated version for the waist up pic, Sprite, battler and face graphic!

I’m thinking he also cut his hair a bit so maybe a new hairstyle to match his brash unapologetic personality? :P

Okay, so start with a simple design idea or various options, and then we'll see - got it! I'll see what I can do!

Oh yeah, another question as it'll help me design. The design I'll be doing, is it a new look that he'll have after a time lapse or something, or do you want to change his look overall. Because well, if you'll keep the design he had so far for the beginning of the game and then he cut his hair / changed his hairstyle a bit, it won't necessarily be the same if I simply have to re-design his hairstyle and stuff. And well, same goes for the clothing

Everyone (except the player) gets a sort of more armored look after a *spoiler alert*

Time lapse

So yeah something admired that still shows off their abs and shorter hair but not too short :) 

Anyway bottom line is have fun with this one!

Okay, thanks! With that, I think I'll be able to think of something!

Also, I'm almost done with playing the latest built, so I'll be back with the feedback for that before I'll get the drawing done, if you don't mind.

Okay so, I'm done with the latest built of the demo. I'll be starting on the drawings asap, but in the meantime I'll give you my feedback - it's quite lenghty because I somehow forgot to post it with the latest built so yeah XD

I'll start with the few issues I've stumbled upon.

- In Potter City, at the potion stall on the market, you can choose the "Frugal" option even if you're not frugal.

- There is a "bustling city" background noise that stays no matter what you do or where you go even after leaving Potter City, like the mines in the Kurost Pass or the Bandit Encampment, and also the selection screen on the map and other places. It was a problem with previous builts too, but somehow I always notice it when starting the mission with Tyran, so it may start at this specific point, I'm unsure. The sound is natural when you're in Potter City, but quite bothersome elsewhere.

- Erika's portrait (the text box one) still has a faint square around it.

- Icarus' portrait (also text box) moves slighly from left to right depending on the expression he has.

- I love the open bounty mission idea, but I'm unsure if I've completed it correctly. I did it when it appeared - after accepting the mission with Tyran. I defeated the 5 bandits group and got out of the dungeon by the other exit, but going back to the academy after that and talking to Stella didn't give me any new dialogue. And when asking her for advice on my current task, she directly skips to asking if she can help with anything, not giving any form of advice on anything. Also, I got the clue from the bandit fight, but I don't seem to be able to see it in my inventory or anything.

- Being able to consult karma points and aquired perks would be very useful (unless you can do it and I somehow missed it XD)

- Myrana's new bust bothers me a bit. It's a nice picture, but since she's leaning forward and not standing straight, she shouldn't be so "high" on the screen. I know she's very tall, but not THAT tall, based on the picture at the end of Act II. And besides, I think the bust is even slighly too big compared to the others (if you look at her head, it seems bigger than the other characters' - that's a good way to check the picture sizes)

And now the positive!

- The new version of the conversation between Greyson and Erika is very interesting. I like the fact it reveals more about the Osvolks - I can't wait to learn the entire truth about that story, though it's obviously awful. But the little hints and pieces here and there made me really curious.

- The whole Turtula Manor dungeons are AMAZING now. It was creepy before, but now that's on a whole new level, I'm digging it so much!

- Well, as mentionned before, I really like the open bounties idea. It's a nice challenge!

- Bless you for the perk books!

Well, I think that's all for this built. Can't really say anything story wise since it didn't really have story content, except for some background information here and there. 

Well, now I'll be able to focus on the designs! 

Great catch on that one! I’ll get right on it. 

The bustling city noise is actually supposed to turn off automatically but I guess it doesn’t? I think just turning it off should able to fix it 

Facesets are my nightmares D; but I’m getting custom ones for everyone since I’m technically using RTP right now lol

For open bounty missions, the rewards are the chests that come out at the end of the dungeons. I realized that while the RPG elements are strong in the game, there’s not a whole lot of just dungeon crawling so I’m making these dungeons just for the player to grind at and loot some awesome stuff. There’s no correlation to the story D; enjoy dungeon crawling folks!

Karma is viewable on the status screen while perks available aren’t D; I’m gonna see about implementing it soon tho since it’s such a useful thing plus I know some people are bound to mess up and double perk a non-combatant perk

I’ll fix myrana’s bust accordingly! Thank you for bringing it up!


Grayson is an uber creep xD 

Anyway there’s definitely some sort of Osvolk stuff coming up later :)

Thanks! I’m not gonna lie I hardly play horror RPG games so I had 0 idea how to make that section lol. Kinda just winged it. The game isn’t gonna have overtly horror themes but expect the game to be slightly horror every time demons are involved. I’m never a fan of demons just being pushovers in games so I try to hype them up every time they’re involved lol.

Thank you so much for the feedback!!!

When you’ve got a design done, email it here:

Yeah, creepy demons are definitely interesting!

And e-mail noted! I'll probably start with a couple of sketches with various hairstyle / clothing options, and then refine the ones you'll like the best

Perfect! Have fun!