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I was replaying the game today but this time as the mouse and I have a question, are there customized illustrations for the mouse interacting with Harriet too? Or does only the cat have illustrations? I wasn't able to find carrots while playing as the mouse so I couldn't make a proper stew and make the waffle boy and that client happy so I thought that was why I didn't get any illustrations with Harriet but I thought I should ask at least. (Also how do you get carrots as a mouse? I couldn't for some reason, even though I was able to get them as a cat :( Looked everywhere for them)

Oh, how strange! There's separate illustrations of the mouse (Plum) in all those pictures. The carrots should be made available by the castle guard on the first floor who turns to face the camera after Margaret retreats to her room. Is he not giving them? That's really odd...


Oh, so it depended on when I asked them for it! Thank you so much for telling me that, I didn't realize ^^'

I was now able to complete the game properly (making everyone in Toppletown happy) and see the illustrations of Harriet and Plum happy together <3

Aw, man, what a lovely game. The more I played and replayed this, the more I fell in love with this little place called Toppletown.

(Btw, does the teabag the giraffe give you has any purpose? xD)

You're welcome! Your reception means a ton to me - thank you so much for playing!

The teabag item can be brewed at either Tanya's kitchen (after the spaghetti quest) or the Princess's kitchen if you do it before collecting stew ingredients I believe. It serves no real purpose whatsoever - your character just says it hit the spot or something once they drink it. :)