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This is such a kind comment. Thank you so much! I fully intend to. :)

You're welcome! Your reception means a ton to me - thank you so much for playing!

The teabag item can be brewed at either Tanya's kitchen (after the spaghetti quest) or the Princess's kitchen if you do it before collecting stew ingredients I believe. It serves no real purpose whatsoever - your character just says it hit the spot or something once they drink it. :)

Oh, how strange! There's separate illustrations of the mouse (Plum) in all those pictures. The carrots should be made available by the castle guard on the first floor who turns to face the camera after Margaret retreats to her room. Is he not giving them? That's really odd...

Thank you so much for your feedback, it made my day! :)

thank you for your comment!
It's just universe building. I intend to make more games in the future that will further explore him and a few other characters that appeared in Toppletown.

Thank you! There's only 2 endings - a regular one and a "full" one, which, once you meet its requirements, you'll get a message telling you you've done everything. As for those last few digits - two numbers made of daisies will spawn in the east and west sides of town after you give Sapphire the daisy seeds and she tells you the hint. Let's just say the last 4 digits of the code are two numbers repeating. i.e. "3838" (except not 3 and 8).

To repeat Sapphire's hint, the first number is the mayor's favorite number, followed by the number of apples growing in Toppletown. You can find out what these are by visiting Soda Junction which is essentially a hint house. The next digit is how many eggs are on the wallpaper at the Waffle House, and "the last three digits are all even - possibly the kind you can find around town." Head back up to the east portion of town and one of those numbers will have made itself visible from the daisies you gave Sapphire. West town will have the other unique number that makes up these last 3 digits.

(For clarification, reaching the Mayor's house is an inconsequential bonus in the game and not necessary at all to achieve the good ending.)

Oh no, yes, if you'd saved right on that final screen you can't go back. This is an oversight on my part because I figured no one would want to do anything there besides walk up...had it been on the screen immediately prior, though, you would have been able to walk back to town. I apologize for that. But thank you so much for your feedback!