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Alright these last days were pretty cool in Miko Mind Dreamer…

1- Finished and polished the fire ball attack
2- Finished and polished the ice ball attack
3- Finished and polished one of the hardest things I worked on in Gdevelop5 (It’s a secret that will be revealed very soon).
4- Fixed a lot of bugs in Miko’s animations (all of them were caused by hitting several buttons together so the animation wasn’t working properly, this is fixed now).
5- Added particles to Miko when he is walking, running or grabbing a ledge (increases the game feel)
6- Made some adjustments that makes Miko now so smooth to control for example :-
—you can change your weapons or tool while running or even jumping or in the air (This opens a whole new possibilities in the gameplay which I think I might add and if it worked, it’s going to be CRAZY COOL!)
—You can dash backwards now (YEAH).
7- Added some restrictions to Miko’s movement like:-
—You can’t use a tool (the secret that I will reveal soon) while you are climbing a ladder or wall jumping (This makes the player use his controls based on the environment).
Are you going to climb? then remove that tool
Are you going to solve puzzles maybe? grab that tool
And so on, this makes Miko feels heavy and everything have a purpose.
8- Climbing ledges while climbing sometimes might give you a small boost to keep Miko going but it’s still a work in progress (and I don’t know if I’m going to keep it or not).

What’s next on the list ?
1- Tomorrow I might just set down and clean my events and resources, folders and so on, I don’t want to start working on something new and I have a mess to clean (Which I do have yeah,lot’s of it :smile: )
2- polishing the sword attacks (I hope I can do some combos, I don’t know yet and I can’t promise anything) This one is REALLY going to take a while to polish! I hope not… (I might lose my mind on this one).
3- Play some games (I might get into a mental breakdown if I keep working like that for more than 15 hours everyday, this is not healthy, I need to chill out!).

After that ? We go into the second most important part in the game, ENEMIES! But I won’t touch that until Miko is looking and feeling almost perfect (Yes I love him!)

Now every couple of weeks or months I will do a recap like this post saying what’s been poppin’
Stay awesome!

Next update might come tomorrow with some cool stuff to see!