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That's fine, we don't always have to write books here.

That's awsome! I bought Terraria for the pc too, but never actually did a playthrough. Instead I played it on my phone and enjoyed it alot. Did you know that both platforms are going to receive updates soon? With soon I mean propably in the end of the year. The PC version is getting the most likely final Terraria update with the name Journey's End and the Android version will finally (it was about time) be getting the 1.3 update with a complety new UI.

Talking about Home Economics (wasn't able to write this word in one motion...), it sounds as if the past is catching up with us or to us. I honestly never heard from it, though I can imagine what it's supposed to be.

Oh well in this case we aren't as modern adjusted as you Americans for example. Upbringing... Another word I had to look up, that means the same as education. You sure know how to make your life complicated with tons of words that mean the exact same thing. Although variety is always nice I admit. 😶

If you mean in real life that would be hard to 

I am sure you're interested in me who started on Repeat. Yeah I did ;) and it's quite charming, to say the least. It feels like some of the VN's I experienced so far were clenched together. You know VN's like Password (Oz), WSSAP (Lingering Mind), the funny atmosphere of TA and, I shouldn't have to say it, Echo.

Will anyone die?? I am perfectly fine with VN-horror where no one dies or where one vanishes and everyone thinks he's dead, but he isn't.

The Incubus Academy is now available for mobile. Have you played TBD?

Still, I couldn't shut my mouth. And yeah AoT has obviously a better reputation than Another. So, I am watching AoT, as I said and I like it, but not as much as Parasyte for some reason. Another is relatively lame until you watch the last (not least) episode, which is horribly amazingly shocking. It's a slow pacing storyline and erupts in yes, the 12th episode.

I do like how the backgroundstory of the two kids is explained in a later episode.

Oh, there flys a thought by, need to write it down... Have you seen Elfen Lied? I think it's the most famous horror anime there is. It has a fsk 18 age restriction. The thing is you can watch the whole series on youtube in german. (It's propably fsk 16 then)

I know it's awful! Many reviewers on IMDb are radical in terms of their rating. On one side are the people that rate most of the time negative on the other side are these who enjoy everything. That's how it is basically. Well there are two other groups. Some rate fair and logical and others are only there to copy the overall mood, if you know what I mean.

Would you like to show me what music you're interested in?

I just happend to meet a gay girl and a gay boy yesterday on youtube, randomly. I was so surprised. On the first look I didn't even notice that the girl had a picture with a rainbow flag in it.  We were talking about movies and suddenly more and yeah... crazy right and so cool! It was under a perfectly normal channel btw too.

We will talk more tomorrow, cause now it's bed time for us, 4 am. I'm eating right now and after that I will only read a little more Repeat.

I hope you're doing good ;)

Well, English is my first language and I was always pretty good with spelling and grammar, and I have a wider vocabulary than most Americans my age.

I don't think I've watched any of the animes you've mentioned. I've been reading fanfiction and helping mom get materials for her upcoming classes. That's also why I took a week to respond, my bad.

I like a little of everything music wise. Lately I've been mostly into music inspired by video games, such as FNAF, Hello Neighbor, and BatIM.

You've probably found out by now that people do die in Repeat, but you can go back in time to fix it.

Have you developed any ships watching AoT?! I'm an AoT fanatic and have multiple ships in that show. Three different ones with Eren.

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(I don't know why, but everytime you answer even with not many words I somehow know alot what I can respond with. Tell me if you like it or not. I'd hate to bore you.)

I can only assume, but it is possible that your English is better than my german. 

I should honestly read lexicons again or inform otherwise, like when I was younger. I learned so many random things... Then again why even bothering with learning uselss stuff? It's not like we happen to live in a world where every single piece of knowlegde is useful, especially in the daily life. I know how that must sound. And it's not like that, that I hate my life I just think it is so incredible unnecessary. I wish I knew why I even exist.....  Is that too much to ask for?

Sorry for being a drama queen *sigh*

If I haven't said that in a previous reply I'll do it now. I finished watching Ajin: Demi-Human and it was better than expected. Many things I watched recently were better than expected. Ajin is sadistic at first, but how it turns out is soo good.

And Parasyte well, sorry for saying that, I appreciate it more than AoT ;/

I know AoT has a better reputation and was aknowledged more. What I like about Parasyte more is the world and the characters. AoT has much better animations, I would say.

I haven't thought about shipping any relationships or people. I've only seen the first season anyway. There are no more seasons in german or with german dubs, I am pretty sure. Were you imagining Eren and the crazy good soldier (with his 3D “whatever thing“) together? They don't really match each other. The blonde girl (the other human/titan) on the other hand and Eren's 'sister' seem compatible. Although she doesn't really feel any sympathy towards humans, right?

YAS, good that I remember that! I watched a spanish movie called Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil (Netflix Original) and it was really good, totally underrated. It isn't very horrific, however the end was needed. The end made the whole movie much better than it would be without it.

I also finished Repeat for a first time. I took on the big boys route (I seriously forgot his name, not the other names though.....) and it's strange. He likes to “fuck around“ literally. I feel like all of the characters are somewhat strange. I know it's a horror game, kind of, but do they have to be like that? I think I like Sissel's appearance the most, even though I don't know much about him. My guess is he and the MC's  were boyfriends in their previous lives. If you look on the the group picture Sissel has an arm put around the MC's shoulder. I could be wrong. I'm sure you played all routes and know about it.

What do you mean with “go back in time“? There is no such thing is there? You sure you don't mean the game “Life is Strange“? I highly recommend that game by the way. 

I started playing TBD (The Butterfly Dream) and I do really like it somewhat, although it is even weirder than Repeat. I played it for I don't know at least 2 hours now and I'm only on the second day. (The game has a day and night circle) What I have to admit is it has a mysterious and yes “overall“ (I don't like this word it's so casual)  strange aura. You know nothing about the world you are are living in, maybe that will change.

I've discovered a pretty unknown, but AWSOME band. Their songs remind me a bit of Avicii mixed with Aron Chupa, maybe I'm wrong, that could be well possible, and I could listen to 3 of them all day. The name of the band is Vigiland. Avicii & Aron Chupa... well I like it. 😬

In one of their songs is a fine line you gotta 💓 it

“His ex-girlfriend got a girlfriend. His barbie tried a female Ken.“

You know which game I love watching? It's SCP Containment Breach and all the other games around it. It's such a cool game... and deadly too. IGP is playing another great horror game at the moment (a couple to be exact) which I also like to watch/watching.

His name is Owen, yeah... I so much more like Tyson though. A badass bully that let's no one near him, in is personal space and shows contrition while changing is the best thing that can happen. 

What fanfiction do you read?

You can say as much as you like to me and it won't bore me. However, I may not have any response in which case I'd probably ignore the topic completely. It doesn't seem to deter you when I do that though, and I'm glad.

I wouldn't know, since I'm not fluent in German. I only know a few words and phrases because my brother learned German as a second language. However, I'm more fluent in English than a lot of younger people. 

You like what you like, that's okay. I'm not upset you prefer Parasyte to AoT.

I'm surprised you haven't watched AoT in English or with English subs, there's probably more of those. They keep the speech fairly simple and you can always pause it to look up a word you don't understand. It's up to you though.

See, I've also read the manga and I feel like the manga readers get more of the Riren (Levi, the really good soldier, and Eren) vibe. I can easily relate to Levi because he's socially awkward and doesn't express himself well. 

I don't want to spoil it for you, but I will say that a recent chapter had Eren telling his 'sister' Mikasa that he hated her... Also, if you finished the entire first season of AoT (24 episodes), you'll know Annie and Eren can't be a thing since she's in a weird rock stasis thing.

My top ship is Levi/Eren, but Eren/Armin (his blonde best friend) is a close second. Occasionally I like Jean/Eren even though they fought like cats and dogs. 

Mmkay, Sissel's route is the most complete at this time. His is where people die. And yes the game goes back in time just like Life is Strange but not using the same mechanics. Obviously Echo (his spirit friend) is in all of the routes, but I think the chick spirit is too... Haley was her name? Anyway, she uses her powers to rewind time for your character.

You know, I don't even remember what day I'm on in TBD... The English is so atrocious that I had to put it up for a while, but the story isn't interesting enough for me to keep reading I think. 

The majority of the fics I read are AoT  Levi/Eren Omegaverse fics.

Omegaverse fics are probably my most favorite AU stories. However, I still read 'normal' fics as well. I hate the really short ones. I haven't read a oneshot fanfic in years. 

Warning: Asking about fics and fandoms gives you a book to read. You just opened Pandora's Box...

I have a few animes (or manga)/pairs I really like:

Sawamura/Sugawara, Azumane/Nishinoya, Kagayama/Hinata, Tsukishima/Yamaguchi, Ukai/Takeda, Kuroo/Kazame, and Iwazumi/Oikawa from Haikyuu.

Cartman/Kyle, Craig/Tweek, and Kenny/Butters from South Park. 

Rin/Haru, Rei/Nagisa, Sosuke/Nitori (unpopular), and Makoto/Kisume (more unpopular) from Free!

Akashi/Kuroko, Aomine/Kise, Murasakibara/Midorima, Kiyoshi/Hyuga, Mitobe/Koganei, Imayoshi/Takurai, Taiga/Himuro, and Mibuchi/Hayama from Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko's Basketball)

Levi/Eren, obviously, and Eren/Armin from AoT. 

Ghirahim/Link from Zelda: Skyward Sword, Sheik/Link from OoT. Lately I've given in and developed a fondness for Prince Sidon/Link from BotW. I'm frustrated I enjoy it suddenly, but I blame my newfound fondness for furries/beasts.

Sebastian/Ciel from Black Butler.

Sherlock/John from BBC's Sherlock. 

Joey/Chandler and Monica/Richard from Friends.

Simon/Athena, Phoenix/Edgeworth, Maya/Franziska, Trucy/Pearl, Apollo/Klavier (often after abuse from Klavier's brother, Kristoph), Apollo/Nahyuta, and Kay/Emma from the Ace Attorney games.

Virus/Aoba from Dramatical Murder.

Hank/Connor and Reid/RK900 from Detroit Become Human.

Sasuke/Naruto and Gaara/Naruto (preference) from... Well, Naruto lol.


Todoroki/Midoriya from My Hero Academia.

Viktor/Yuuri and Otabek/Yuri (blonde) from Yuuri on Ice.

Heero/Duo, Trowa/Quatre, and Zechs/Heero from Gundam Wing.

Kaworu/Shinji and Asuka/Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

I'm probably forgetting some, but I can't be bothered to care right now lol.

From the looks of it we are talking past each other sometimes, but that's no problem.

No, it doesn't deter me from writing more. I was a bit bothered though, I admit.

Are there more people, besides your brother, who learn my language, you know about?

Do you mean I should watch AoT on crunchyroll? That wouldn't last long since you have to pay after a certain amount of time or episodes.

There is a youtube channel, that I watch, where OPM manga chapters are uploaded. 

But how do you imagine me to read mangas? Do you read them online? I would read some specific ones. I don't like all anime. Anime like Evangelion, Haven't you heard, I'm Sakamoto and more I don't know of now are not interesting enough. Also My Hero Academia wasn't exactly what I was hoping for. The first season was not that good amazing. Maybe I just need more shocking moments...?

You know I tried Evangelion, but it is plain boring. The Evangelion that came out on Netflix recently. I know there's more.

I suggest you trust in Netflix's work and try out Ajin: Demi-Human, it is really good, brutal but good.

And, you know, what is with the people/characters in Attack on Titan? They act so weird all the time. 😑

Why should Eren say he hates Mikasa, because she cares?

Yeah I know that Annie is in a stasis like state. It's not a rock it's the material that some of the Titans can use to harden themselfs and it's crystalline, like diamond.

You never told me if you ever watched Parasyte, did you?


I see what you did there. Asking that question wasn't the smartest thing to do. 

I... I know propably 8 of these not more. And I have seen maybe 4 of these shows.

You're forgetting some? GOOD!

You mean Nagisa Kun from Assassination Classroom? He is one of my favourite characters of all anime. He acts so badass in the last episode!

What is wrong with furries? EA is full of furries, TA is full of furries and basically all the other VN's too. So, I don't really understand this statement. I focus on the human like part of their personality and just think they look cute, more than humans too. If you like animals more than humans it is not wrong. Do you think humans are better than animals? I don't think so. Antropomorphic animals are basically humans, that look like animals, anyway.

I just finished HunterxHunter season 1 and it was entertaining. It's definitly not my favourite anime, but it wasn't bad. I prefer the dark, mysterious, adult anime. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K., The 7 Deadly Sins and a few more are exceptions. That's why Hellsing is now on my list too and maybe Elfen Lied...? I am not sure. 

My movie/series list is constantly growing... 😅

Is ST season 3 out in America? I'm gonna start on it in 2 days! Heck YEAH!

How far does Sissel's route go? Is it far in the story? I don't really wanna see any dead character body anymore... Seeing Tyson dead in Password scared the shit out of me... 😵

TBD is, as I said, very odd. The story is so incredible slow pacing and the peoples/furries haven't got many characteristics yet or some of them. I don't hate it. I think there's a long way to go for TBD that's all.

.... I accidentally reloaded the page and lost my reply, so you're going to get the short version.

Detroit Become Human is a video game, but it's more like a movie.

Attack on Titan season 2:

AoT manga:

I don't like My Hero Academia, Naruto, or Evangelion all that much.

Black Butler is worth a watch, it's dark. 

I haven't watched any anime lately.

Free! and Kuroko no Basuke are good and worth a watch.

Gundam Wing is from the 90's, one of the first anime to come to America.

How are the AoT characters acting weird?

There's nothing wrong with furries, I'm just new to liking them.

The Zelda series is a video game series.

Dramatical Murder is a game too, and the game is better than the anime.

Ace Attorney is a game series, again the games are better than the anime.

Do NOT watch the Hellsing anime. Look for the OVA's instead. The anime is boring, the OVA's are great though.

Sissel's route doesn't show much. You know the character dies, and I think there's a small scene showing the character, but it's just a peek.

His route ends RIGHT before the first(?) rewind.

I say first like that because I don't know how many rewinds there are.

I finally removed TBD, I honestly just didn't like it. 

I don't know if ST is out yet. I'm not sure I want to watch it, based on season 2.

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You know that happend to me to? 

Black Butler sounded not interesting enough for me, but I will check it out soon.

So you recommend AoT season 2? I don't think I'm gonna read any manga, but thanks. 

MHA and Naruto more like kids shows. I don't know about Evangelion.

So, is Gundam a good anime? The rating is quite high.

I don't really know I don't like them much. In my eyes they act weird, that is all.

Do you you know about the furry fandom and furry conventions? Maybe it is weird, but to me it seems as if furries are the most open most welcoming people. 

If I wouldn't know what Zelda is or who Link is it would be embarrassing.

Anime which were made into games?

OVA huh? On my list now.

Now I wonder if I am still going to like Repeat... 

The latest Adastra update was fabulous, but you haven't seen it, am I right?

Then there's still Project Aego and the latest Android build of Blackgate.

I watched the first 5 episodes of season 3 and I really like it. I don't like one or 2 things, but I won't spoiler it. 

Sometimes I start reading or watching something and realize it's not what I was looking for. That means I watch here read there and I'm currently focused on many things. And then there are VN updates too...

I also read some rather small books in English.

I hope it's ok for you too, if I have nothing to respond with, for the most part :/

You may change your mind after a few episodes of Black Butler.

Not recommend it so much as letting you know where you can watch seasons 2 and 3 of AoT. And even if you don't want to read the AoT manga, you can read other manga on mangago if you like. They have an entire Bara section. 

Evangelion is NOT a kids anime by any means, but it's too political and boring. There's only one episode I like because it borders on homo. Kaworu tells Shinji he loves him.

Gundam Wing is good, in my opinion, but that could be nostalgia talking. There's other Gundam series' that are apparently better but I've never watched them.

I've talked to lots of furries online and made friends with them, but they're no more open minded than the LGBT community from what I've seen. Maybe more accepting of fetishes, though.

Games that were made into anime. 

Like with everything, the source material is better. 

Give Sissel's route a try. The ending of it would give you an idea if it's too much or not. It's less stressful than Blackgate or Echo to me, though.

Pretty sure I basically skipped the latest Adastra build. Still don't like it as much as Echo.

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I will finish Stranger Things, then watch Black Butler propably. My watchlist is kinda long...

So, is the first Attack on Titan season the best of all 5? Aren't there 5?

Bara section? Sounds... good. I found such an website by myself. As I said I am not into yaoi.The white tiger beastsoul from Grimoire of Zero is possibly my favourite furry character. He has a big heart. His name is Mercenary, because he is one and his real name is lost or unknown (I think it was never mentioned). He was born as a beastsoul, but hates being one, since he was being bullied as a kid. I wrote something similar like this didn't I...?

It isn't? Politics and boringness, ugh, no thanks. There's a gay confession scene though, that's cool. 

One anime series has often other series or movies of it's franchise. Not always are the 'younger' or newer series better.

You wrote you don't like Naruto, right? I didn't really like it either, but I think Naruto Shippuden is better and I want to watch it badly.

You're propably speaking the truth with that. I mean the truth about the fetishs. Anyhow, I heard that there are tensions in between  the furry fandom, because of that stuff. There are only a few that except these fetishs, it looks like.

And the LGBT and furry community are almost the same ^^ It's proven that around I don't know 60% furries are gay or bi. No wonder why they are so open. 😊

Sissel check, not now though. If you say so. Blackgate isn't all that much trouble for me. Echo on the other hand... 

Oh well, I'm sure Adastra is going to be a blast. Maybe you just don't like 'illegal space adventures'. 🙈 And maybe you don't like Amicus, who is the only dateable character for now. I get to like him a little more every time.

The story NorthPaw College on wattspad is a furry gay story, that is well written, with a bunch of different characters. You may like it. It's going to be bloody later on as the author promised... It is really good written. I think there are a couple errors, but nothing too distracting. Okay so far it's not bloody and maybe never will be, but it's about love relationships with issues. 

Those depressing stories don't make me feel better, that's for sure

I watched the first 5 episodes of Black Butler. I like it, it's only disappointing that nothing more happend so far. For the butler being the devil this anime is kind of underwhelming. I get it from episode 5 onward it starts to get interesting. I still prefer Parasyte. 🙂

I also started the new series on Netflix called The Legend of White Snake. It's very Chinese and it's easy to make fun off of it. I don't know if you'd like it, but I find it entertaining. Although there are many things I don't like about it.

There's 3 seasons of AoT, with a fourth on the way. It may seem like more because the seasons are unusually long for an anime, usually 24 episodes instead of 12.

I couldn't really get into Naruto Shippuden either. 

My best friend is a straight furry... He's the one I previously mentioned living with sometime in the future.

I'm just not big on space anything. I believe aliens exist in real life, but the concept of going to space or exploring space just isn't my thing. Star Trek is okay, Doctor Who I actually like, Lost in Space (Netflix series) is good, and a handful of movies are cool. I don't like Star Wars or most anything else about space however.

Space movies I like consist of: The Martian, Gravity, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and Life.

Huh, I may have to look that one up. I hardly use Wattpad, but I'm getting tired of the fanfics on AO3.

I think Black Butler gets better, but that's my opinion. Plus there's homo moments that make me fangirl.