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I was half expecting a demo where the game ends at getting to Reban's building lobby. What I wasn't expecting was a full game. Hot damn this game has a really interesting story. (I'm always a fan of political espionage) I also like how it's all in a point and click style so you can really tell the story. (Props for the V.A) I hope you add in a few more save slots. But overall, it's a solid game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.


Thanks mate! Much appreciated. Looking forward to check out your video (most likely the world first gameplay). We are glad you like it so far. 😊


Here's Episode 2 if you want to see it. 

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Lastly, Ep 3. This one has End game spoilers.

Hey man, thanks a lot for playing the game, and also for making videos of it. Much appreciated. 
I would just ask you one thing, could you please change the thumbnail of the video, so it doesn't show the biggest spoiler in the game? :)

Ok. Got it done.