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While the people on the Scythe Dev Team Discord saw the video, I decided to repost it here since I got the game one day before the game got released to the general public and they allowed me to do a let's play. That said, atmosphere really is king here.

Nice game here. Though I wish the main screen before you scroll to blink to start the game was on a pause so you wouldn't die unexpectedly while talking.

I wish each weeping angels each had their own random spawn/despawn timer just for that added randomness. After angel #3 comes in, you can kinda guess when they spawn on you. Beyond that, nice game. I hope to see more from this game

It is an interesting start. I wish the robots had some sort of unique noise when they are present and not chasing you. That and some backstory on paper would be nice as well.

It's not often you see an rpg horror game using noir style. I'll keep this game in mind. Beyond that, it'll be nice to have a bit of ambiance music for the silent parts of the demo. 

It is interesting to say the least. It would be a bit helpful to have a small tutorial to understand what I am looking at before anything else. But that's a small gripe on my end.

The game looks good and it controls well enough. You might want to tighten up the objects you can interact with in the game. I sometime had the interact prompt show up and my back was facing the item I could interact with. But beyond that, it's a good start.

Here's the final video for the game. Ending seem a bit anti climatic considering the 7 monsters we had to fight. It would be nice to have some the npc who portrays Snow White explain the reasoning behind the who experiment and such before the final action. Or something like that. It would also be nice to see how our partner died instead of just coming up to him as he is.

I like how you amped Disney's version of this game so that it's closer to the Brother's Grimm version. Though, I wish there was a bit of ambiance music for those silent portion of the game.

Also, out of curiosity, did you use Disney's version or the Brother's Grimm version of the fairy tale?

Coming into this game fresh... it was interesting at least. 

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Did you work on a persona game in the past? I notice how it's taken some of the Persona art style. Beyond that, solid gameplay and story so far.

I remember that arcadey feel. At least this game don't eat up your quarters now. It is super fun and I hope you do another game in the future.

You got the ps1 era of controls down pat. Nice one. The game story itself is interesting at least. Overall, your efforts shows here. Just add in an audio setting please and I'd call it great.

While I find the game interesting, I would recommend periodically allowing the player to see where they are so they can make use of both coordinates and seeing where they are. Beyond that, I like the art style.

Yeah. It looks like my laptop interaction issue has been patched out. So my video's gonna be a little outdated in terms of game version. But it's still a good game. Just wish we had something better to work with in terms of showing damage instead of the blood splatter effect.

I really like the idea of the game and the use of the closing your eyes to calm yourself. I would take it a bit easier on the camera pan to the jumpscare. Mainly on scares that already exist in the world like the painting and etc.

This is a great thought exercise. I can't wait to see the Pride room.

This is a very good game. I can officially say I am hooked on this. Here's to more Midnight scenes.

I wish I knew about this game earlier. This is very interesting.

The game definitely gave a sense of mystery to the whole story. I like that.

Really nice game with an interesting art style. I just wish that nosferatu had a distinct walking sound to him.

And here's the second video for the demo. Now you caught my interest with the man and the lady.

I hope so too. I'm a big advocate of having more RPG Horror games in the main gaming market.

This is an extremely well made demo and making use of the interrogation/deduction phase makes this unique. I hope to play more of this when the game comes out.

I guess when you really think about it, humpty dumpty's story is really creepy both in the game and outside of the game. Interesting to say the least.

Atmosphere is really great, I'm just curious on the engine you used for the game as well as the poem used.

When you have a madman rushing right at you in VHS graphics, you know it's gonna be a good horror game. Unfortunately, those same vhs graphics prevented me from reading the controls to the game so I recommend at least having that on some sort of smart phone very close to the campsite where you start the game. Other then that, nice.

My god the artwork's great. I could swear that it was made by a triple A studio. But it makes it better to know that it's done by a small studio that cares about it's game. I really look forward to this game.

I believe this might be a good insight into the daily reality of a person with Schizophrenia. Good job attempting to recreate that conditions within the game.

Here's the last video for the game. I wish there was a bit more of a horror effect in the game towards the end. But that said, it's a good game.

Here's the second video and I really like how you made use of the empty space outside of the play area to add in a bit more of a creep factor in.

This is an interesting game so far.  Well done.

You really nailed the VHS film style very well. Do you have plans on expanding this into a "series"?

It's an interesting idea, having the game attempt to adapt to your choices. I wish there was a bit more choices at the beginning and more things to interact with.

This demo is great. I like how you made use of both fnaf's camera style and the traditional first person view in this game.

Nice atmosphere and a positive message when you choose to fight. Nice!