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You really nailed the VHS film style very well. Do you have plans on expanding this into a "series"?

It's an interesting idea, having the game attempt to adapt to your choices. I wish there was a bit more choices at the beginning and more things to interact with.

This demo is great. I like how you made use of both fnaf's camera style and the traditional first person view in this game.

Nice atmosphere and a positive message when you choose to fight. Nice!

I found this game fairly interesting. It let me create the backstory of the game just with what was happening at the moment. Keep it up and I'll definitely be watching the inspiration video.

Definitely interesting for sure. I recommend doing a gradual increase on the fog every time one of the doll's parts get collected.

This was fun to play and I managed to get all 32 roses, though I wish there was a final dash to get out of the school kind of thing. AI navigation could use a bit of work, but besides that, good job.

I found this really enjoyable and a good mind puzzler. Though I wish the map itself could be more randomized.

The atmosphere is on point and it gave me chills. Here's hoping you'll continue on with this project.

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I definitely don't know if it's just me misunderstanding the clues or the clues being too vague, but I am not making any headway with the painting/page clues even with the assistance. Which is a bummer since I was really interested in the story.

I might need a clue or two. I just can't seem to progress further.

I wasn't expecting a full game. Now I need to finish this game. Out of curiosity, are we able to find more lantern oil to fill it back up?

This is another well made pt style game.  Also nice atmosphere and tasteful use of the scares.

This has some great creepy atmosphere which plays well to pixel art style. I just wish there was a bit more "I know you're here" presence in the beginning portions of the game (i.e after you wake up and leave the room you fell in).  Keep it up.

It's a decent game. Though I wish you could have built a bit more story out on how much the MC cared about the girlfriend beyond the call. As far as it looks at the moment, it's more we just chanced on her instead of actually attempting to find her before being kidnapped. But that's just my thoughts.


I'm not sure if it was intended, but I found that I couldn't progress the story after a while. Closer to when I had to find James after the kitten scene. But It did give me goosebumps for sure.

There was no story ... so I made my own. Great game though. 

Well, I can say that it's definitely an interesting idea to make into a game. I would say that you kinda switched between text and voice acting during the demo. I hope you can settle on either text or voice acting. Beyond that, speed up the door opening/closing animation and tone the 'I will kill you' and static volume down a bit .

Fairly interesting in terms of using a camera to reveal hidden messages. I hope you add more to that mechanic beyond messages and showing the invisible boy up.

I was both intrigued and confused at the same time on what the game was, but I played it non the less. Here's my video on the game if you want to see.

This definitely put me a bit on edge. I hope you can put some story into the game about the plague and the plague doctors as well.

I found this game very fun to play. Although, imho, it might not have been the best idea to dump the player into the game with barely a hint on what to do next.

For your first game, it was decent. I'd recommend not going too heavy with the fog effect and making the enemy pathing a bit more random. Otherwise, it's a good first attempt.

While the story premise is somewhat interesting, I wish the voice actor's audio was a tad bit louder in certain areas. I ended up having to rely on the subtitles to understand what was being told since the voice audio was a hit or miss when it boiled down to it. Beyond that, the game's ok. I just want to see the monster's appearance a bit more and used in the cut scenes a bit more.

I had alot of fun playing this game and I like tabletop games, so this got an extra point for me. I really wanna see this continue.

I found the mechanic of more enemies the more you're scared very interesting and one I don't think many games used. Beyond that, I would recommend turning the room the player spawns in a safe room where bosses can't enter to avoid the spawn camping. Beyond that, I hope my videos can help show some bugs that you may have missed HelloModder.

I found this interesting and had a bit of fun with this tower defense game. Though I ran into some issues with the grand staircase map and the enemies dying behind their spawn point.

Keep it up though.

I hope you continue the project. It has a nice vibe to it. (And I wanna see what happens next in the story.) 

I kinda hoped that there was a bit more scares and story put into the game considering the game was leaning a bit more on the walking sim side of the horror genre. That said, I liked the game and how well polished it was for being a specialized project. 

I found this fairly interesting since it's based on the Silent Hills PT. I wanna see how you develop this further now.

This really makes you think in general. I like that a bit and I can tell this will have an interesting results when all players play this experience.

This is inception level gaming right here and it really led me into a loop for a while.

This. I like. A huge throwback to Castlevania if there's ever one.

This was definitely a interesting and creepy game. Also really liked the ai system used. Though I wish there was some sort of "safe" area. At least make the puzzle rooms safe until you complete it so you wouldn't have to worry about multi tasking figuring out a puzzle and keeping the mannequin at bay. Otherwise great game.

While at the time there wasn't an english version, I really liked the vibe of the game. Even more so because I didn't understand what was shown to me. Keep it up.

I found this interesting for some reason and a tad creepy. Might be that girl at the egg scene.

Geez. I like how you made use of the Mona Lisa Effect on the Mannequins. Definitely one of the more spookier games.

This is certainly surreal. It sure made me feel out of place, yet the carrot on the stick that is the story kept me in it. Nice job. I think I got the message of the game. But I'll need to play it again to be sure on that message.

I like the school side horror and environment jumpscare. Not sure if my theory on what happened in the school is close or not. But I like to think I got close to the truth.