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Hello guys, thank you for playing the game! I had a blast watching you and I really like that you did not get stuck or anything (that means it works haha). What a cool channel you have there, a father and his son playing games, that's so cool. I wish you all the best in the future.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

If you get stuck and need help I suggest one of the gameplays on YouTube. I think there is not a text walkthrough yet.

Hi, there is newest version on AGS, Itchio and Gamejolt. These are the official uploads from us, so yes they are the same.

That's really unusual. Never heard anyone having this issue. However, what exactly do you mean by "installing"? Our game is only zipped. So just extract it and play. Let me know what happened.

Thank you for your comment. I'm sorry the ending was disappinting for you. I understand it may not be for everyone to like it, but we tried to accomplish a certain feeling of the whole experience (no spoilers), and we believe we managed to do it just as we planned. But of course it is not possible to make a story that fits to everyone.
Anyway, your opinion is very much appreciated, and we are glad you liked the rest of the game :)

Thanks a lot for your comment! I'm happy you liked our game. 

We discussed cursor posibilities during the first phase of development, however the "showing text" option really did not fit into the overall visuals and the feel of the game.

Hey man, thanks a lot for playing the game, and also for making videos of it. Much appreciated. 
I would just ask you one thing, could you please change the thumbnail of the video, so it doesn't show the biggest spoiler in the game? :)

We are really happy you like it :)

Thanks you! We are happy you are enjoying it! :)

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Yes, there is a Mac version in the downloads section.

Thanks mate! Much appreciated. Looking forward to check out your video (most likely the world first gameplay). We are glad you like it so far. 😊

Thank you for your comment and for playing our game. The vibes were very much intended, so it really makes us happy you felt that way.

If you want, you can try out "Haven - The Small World". It's from last year's jam ;) It's on my page.

Thanks for playing another game of mine! :) Well it isn't actually just mine, we worked as a team on this one with my mate Alan. I'm happy that you enjoyed it.

Hi. Thank you very much for playing my game! :)

There are obviously flaws, because it was created in 48 hours, but after the competition, I will add more stuff and fix bugs :)

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Hello Wilbur Sprinkle. Thank you very much for playing my game! :) 
Some of my grammar holes were insane! It was created in 48 hours for a competition (stupid excuse I know).

PS: The door password is actually a phrase and... It is not easy to crack.