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Yes, Sir, Unity 5.6 is great. It has all the features that you need. Most importantly I work offline, so Blitz3d is reliable, I can boot it up whenever I want to. Unity requires internet connection etc. to load the license and as soon as something changes in the services of your computer, it requires internet connection again. That is such a waste of talent... Secondly my technological knowhow is at a level where I can build my own world editors and integrated development environments. So I personally see Blitz3D more advanced. But it requires more effort. Thats the beauty of it.

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Thanks for the answer. That is why I liked Unity 5, it is enough to download the installer (but the truth is that it required registration online, which is of course a minus) and then it complete to work. Without any installations of modules and other settings.

P.S. And of course C# captivates ... somehow it is closer to real development than BASIC. Although this is a matter of taste.

I do understand your point of view sir. I do like Unity 5 and I have been using it ever since it released.

My personal preference right now is b3d because it is way faster in terms of prototyping. In unity yo often get lost in the editor environment and forget about the actual coding. This causes a major setback and it obviously generates automated code that is not always as effective as intended. 

In basic you have the option to write your own advanced interpreter actually, with object oriented programming in mind. There are several C# like interpreters for b3d allready. The advantage of native C# is that you get access to the system .NET classses, which is great indeed.

Also with unity you have a closed asset system which is not ideal for my case. I prefer to manage my own files the way I want. The build prints are also way smaller with b3d. A Unity project usualy weights around 1-5 gb because of all the meta data. With b3d it only depends on how many files you have and how much they weight.