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This is great, but a few things bother me:

  • It is not very clear when you will receive the next magic dust(?). I know it might not fit the game’s style but I have seen a lot of other idle games just interpolate the value instead of only giving it when it’s ready.
  • Also tiles should have descriptions. I can see how it could be confusing figuring out how much exactly a tile gives you, and what tiles it has interactions with. For example, I was really confused when putting down 2 deserts adjacent to a village didn’t convert it to a desert village, because actually you need to put 3 adjacent deserts.

Other than that, it is a very good concept!


discovering the tile combinations is part of the "game fun"


If you don’t get any hints at all then it becomes frustrating


Thanks! Later in the game you'll get enough power/minute that this should no longer be an issue, but maybe it could be a nice early game QOL feature. Discovering tile combinations is meant to be a part of the game, but adding a log of what you discovered and how to get those again may be a good idea. You can see how much a tile gives you (and why) by hovering over it.