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You probably disabled third party cookies in your browser, this is required for saving to work.

Really nice city; great patterns in these buildings! I especially like the high tower and the building with holes next to it.

Hi! I'm glad you've enjoyed my game. Save game issues are normally caused by your browser. Make sure you have enough space on your device. Also make sure cookies and other site data are not blocked or set to be deleted on your device, especially third party ones. If you're not on iOS you can export your save; Apple blocks this unfortunately. I'm planning on making a iOS (and Android) app as well which should not have this issue, but I'm not sure yet and if I do, it's likely multiple months away.

It works for me! If it works in the browser it's probably a problem with the app.

I don't have any experience with Chromebooks, so I can't help you much there, but sending the file via a cloud service Google Drive, an USB stick or even just email should work.

Hey, I'm sorry, progress is only stored locally so there's no way for me to recover it. I can give you a save file with lots of resources that may help you to get up to speed: (from lower down in the comments)

To load this, right click+Save Link As... on the link above, save it, go back to the game, click Load Game, Import... and select the file.

Or if you still have access to the other computer, you can export it from there and import it into your new computer.

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Yup, certainly, you can find it at

And I totally agree it's awesome music, really happy with what Stijn made! :D

Of course you can make a YouTube video (I assume you mean that)!

You're welcome :D

Yeah, reducing lag was one of the goals of the update, so I'm happy that worked! I'll hopefully make the game work even more smoothly in the future.

This should hopefully be fixed now!

Thanks! If you happen to remember those other issues, it'd be very helpful if you could post them too!

Oops I'll have to fix that sometimes... I'm afraid the beacons won't survive a reload anyway as they're not saved.

You're very welcome!!! <3<3<3<3<3


I hope you've enjoyed the update!

Really nice city, wow!

There's a limit of 10,000; that should be plenty and I don't think any current computer can handle that without lag.

If you are on an iPad/iPhone: no, sorry, not right now, due to platform restrictions.

Otherwise: go to the Game Menu on the CoolMath version. Click Export and store the file somewhere safe. Then click Import (in the game menu, again) on this version and select the file you just imported.


That looks amazing! Really nice structure.

Hey all! It's great to see your cities and feedback. You can now also join my Discord if you want to chat!

Of course, I'll keep checking here regularly as well, the Discord is just a new option.

Looks great! I like the building on the right!

If you exported your save and still have that file, you can Import it from the game menu.

I'll make more scenarios later!

No, there should not be any differences! If you want fullscreen, you can also go to


Hey, I'm really sorry you lost your progress! I'm afraid this is something that sometimes happens with browsers and I can do nothing to bring it back.

However, I can give you a save file with lots of resources that may help you to get up to speed: (right click/hold -> save link as)

Let me know if you need this for another scenario!

In the future, it's a good idea to regularly Export your save file from the Game Menu.

Hey, that's a really nice city! I really like how the different worlds look so different with various colors. And 5500 people is a lot! Thanks a lot for sharing, I enjoyed looking at it (and at your other city as well!)

I'm not going to try to come up with a good name, I'm not great at that. But I'm sure you or someone else can come up with something great!

I think it's quite impressive that you found a citizen named Yehudi; there are 8887 possible names. :P

Great city and story! I probably didn't spot all easter eggs, but I really liked the various patterns, like the key and the arrow to the place where it all began. And there's plenty of choice in night clubs - if you don't like a huge night club you can go to the tiny elephant club.

And I'm happy I brought you fun, and even improved your productivity! The Bolt will be in the next update.

(by the way: just a friendly reminder to Export your save from the game menu, it would be a huge shame to lose it if your browser decides to be stupid!)

Hi Dragon Lotus! People eat food continually. So if you have a lot of people, you may need multiple Indoor Farms. Hover/(touch and hold on mobile) on the food icon for some more information.

Hey, definitively not a rude question. I'm afraid I'm very bad at estimates of this. I'll mostly be occupied with other work in the coming period. This is fun work, but it does mean that I will have limited time to work on this game.

And I still have a considerate backlog for the next update. I would say it should take two weeks to a month, but it may well take longer. I'm considering just releasing the Bolt and related buildings separate from the rest of the update.

Congratulations on reaching 1000 people! They do eat a lot, so you may need some more farms. You can also try boosting them with labs.

You can build far higher than the sky :)

If you have an Android device, you can Export your save from the game menu. Then save the file to a cloud service (e.g. Google Drive) and open it elsewhere. On iOS, I'm afraid this is not possible right now because of platform restrictions.

The Key claim their own pub!

It will be in the next update!

There's an upgrade in the computer chip factories and in the research center. Also make sure your citizens are well educated!

I still like your city!

Hey, I'm glad you are excited for the Steam release; I am too! I just want to make sure it has enough new content, I hope that's understandable!

Yes, as long as you don't choose to overwrite the save!

Nice Park Pod shapes! (and rest of the city!)

Yeah, I thought about that before and I think it would be a good idea. That would probably of a semi-planned Rocket update. But I'm still working on another update now (and am really busy with non-gamedev work), so I'm afraid it might take a while yet.

Yeah! I especially like how you used the door colors and the fact that you created one, big restaurant!

Hey, I tried to create a fix for this, but I'm not sure whether it works as I don't get the issue myself. Let me know if you still encounter this!

Are you still running Windows XP by the way? I just looked at your screenshot a bit more closely. If you are, you should know that I can't really support that OS anymore, so there may be more problems like this (although I try to still make it work properly, of course). I would advise you to upgrade to a more modern OS if you can, also for security reasons.