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my third time giving ideas:

1. cross hair for melee mode

2. more melee weapons: dagger, scythe (grime reaper type), club, falchion, cleaver, flail, halberd, nunchucks, knuckles, boxing glove, metal claws, pickaxe (just for fun), spoon (also for fun), whip

3. siege weapons: battering ram, cannon

4. extra: battle dogs

5. also, horse seems too weak, dont know why

6. small bump/hills in custom battle for realistic design

7. set a limit to amount of unit in gladiator arena cause its too laggy for me after 40 kills, or make it round base to reduce lag

8. release the game on steam to gain attention from youtubers like jacksepticeye

Thank you for all the great ideas. I will implement a lot of them.