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You can always give your opinions nicely and not criticize the flaw of the game. JNI create this gmae by himself and its a new game so there is much more to be improve. It will be more nice of you if you can show more respect to people's hardwork. Thanks.

it is a totally different game that shares different physics & game play, JNI will not be happy if his hardwork is mistaken as the replica of another game

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right click, when you are close enough, press 'e', the current system for picking up weapon is a bit complicated but it will be easier in next update

'y' & 'x' key

conquest mode:

this game mode is about conquering every country on the land, there is a map of the land with different kingdoms, u then select to attack other kingdom to conquer, once u conquer every kingdom u win.

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my third time giving ideas:

1. cross hair for melee mode

2. more melee weapons: dagger, scythe (grime reaper type), club, falchion, cleaver, flail, halberd, nunchucks, knuckles, boxing glove, metal claws, pickaxe (just for fun), spoon (also for fun), whip

3. siege weapons: battering ram, cannon

4. extra: battle dogs

5. also, horse seems too weak, dont know why

6. small bump/hills in custom battle for realistic design

7. set a limit to amount of unit in gladiator arena cause its too laggy for me after 40 kills, or make it round base to reduce lag

8. release the game on steam to gain attention from youtubers like jacksepticeye

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some changes that i think will improve our gaming experience:

1. the layer should be able to look in all direction without pressing right mouse button, this will be alot easier to play

2. able to pick weapon up just by walking over without pressing any key

3. throwing weapon should also be easier with a press of a single key

4. cool down time bar for range weapon

5. range weapon cross hair should not be white in snow map ( cannot see )

6. king of the hills mode, time bar should decrease for the colour of the team on the hill, most people include me dont really get the logic behind it

7. will be great if sprinting and jumping is added

as what i have found out, press right mouse button and aim the red circle on the weapon, when u get close enuf, press 'e' key, this should pick the weapon up

press 'c' key to switch between first and third person mode

bug: in king of the hills, the colour of counter is wrong

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Has been testing the full release for a while, here is all my ideas for future updates

1. New class ideas: Ninja, Samurai, Giant, Scout

Add in modifiers (stats) for different unit such (Giant has higher health, defense & attack but super low speed. Scout has fast speed but low everything else etc). You can also modify the main character so he can have more health or attack to create different scenario (1 vs army scenario where you have many health so will not die easily, this feature will also be useful for campaign mode where you can modify the character so the level is easier or harder.)

List of modifiers: health, attack, speed, defense, attack speed

3. Special abilities can be added in (invincibility for a while, fire resistance, slow motion etc.) this can be really complicated to be coded in.

4. Base on point 2 & 3, there can be bosses with super strong stats with special abilities such as immune to physical attack / range attack etc. in the campaign mode.

5. Add in more weapons and they should have different attack valve.

6. more armors can be added in with different defense valve

7. Based on point 5 & 6, weapons and armors can have special attributes (some sword give you speed boost, a set of similar armor give bonus defense)

8. Based on point 5 & 6, the tab where you choose what unit to place should be change. Instead of all possible combination of weapons with different shield / armor, there should only be [normal solder, horse rider, elephant rider, cannon / catapult / ballista operator] after selecting from the few, then you can choose main hand weapon, off hand weapon, armor, so this allow the player to have custom unit and as the creator you do not have to add every single combinations.

9. Durability of weapon / shield / armor

10. Survival mode where you need to survive as long as possible with stronger enemy each time, similar to gladiator arena but in survival mode there is bigger area to move in, there is also experience after killing enemy and level up increases your stats.

11. Add in Easter Eggs

12. Add in a new campaign mode where you lead your blue army, so there is 2 campaign mode, [one man army] & [fight together] (some bad name I have lol)

13. Once complete the level, show the time taken, enemies killed & some other things

14. There should not be one hit kill every time, except with super strong weapons, so attacking different body part can deal different damage, so head shot will be one hit kill.

15. The option to choose challenges (restrictions) in all mode such as no melee, no range, only head shot etc. These challenges should only apply on the player.

16. The player should be able to look in all direction, not only left and right, this is a really important point.

17. Last but not least, be awesome

These are just my ideas, I love to think a lot and very far in ideas for games that I like.

I will be glad if you can tell us what is your direction for future updates or the game and whether if you have a final goal for the game or just to continue updating.

Thanks for reading until here.