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I listened to the audio in the old house. But I can't find the secret of the game. I've tried very hard to find Secret. I was so wasted and began to get angry. I tried to list the words as similar as possible to the voice that came out by reversing the audio.

"set do nom for light open me usually airft(????) in a cofe(?)" what the fuxx english????? i'm korean. 

I can't guess what the word is by its pronunciation.  It is impossible to infer the alphabet from the pronunciation of English. It is a similar pronunciation, but it may be a very different word. I don't know all the words in English. Why do you have Secret only in human voice? The only person who can only hear and interpret English is the person whose first language is English. Why didn't you make the letter secret?

I've reported all the anomalies in the lights. It took a lot of time and I tried a lot. All abnormalities, whether paintings changed or ghosts appeared, were reported as abnormalities of light. But Secret could not be found. The biggest mistake you've made is that you've made a Secret in the voice of a man of opaque pronunciation. I can even try to make a Secret out of words that I can see with my eyes. I got too much stress from this game. I don't want to waste any more time on Secret. You deceived users with Secret.

I'm very angry now. Do you know how reckless or time-consuming it is to report all anomalies without even knowing that reporting them as light is properly interpreted? I put my time in the trash. All this is due to the ambiguous producer's words and actions that are not certain. "You're doing great. You're finding it. Audio is the key." I'm more angry because audio is the key. The audio pronunciation is so stupid.

"airft.... in a cofe..."

People who are not the first language don't know what this means. 

"airft?????, aft?? e a f t???" "kofe? cufe? cough? cup? kup?" "inocof??"


I think reverse regeneration is the answer. But the pronunciation of the voice is rubbish. We don't need a voice, we need a word. Not everyone can infer words by the voice of the hint alone.

It's time to leave.  I was so angry. I've wasted too much time trying to find the real look of Secret. You cheated users.

ppkkw, I understand you're angry but relax man, it's just a game! however, you're right about the audio. I speak English as a first language and I have recorded it, slowed it down, reversed it, changed its pitch and I still can't find anything. Its not very clear, maybe some good feedback for Zastor to clear up the audio a bit so we can solve it? 

p.s whats this Photo you speak of??? i cant find it at all?

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The audio looks like an anagram.
In the end, the only thing I interpreted was the front. 
in that part 
"set... s...hado nom (shadow anomaly) for ligh...t open me uaually airft in a cof"

Like "shadow" and "nom," I think "airft" and "in a cof" are pronounced as they seem.

I think the important part is "set shadow nom for light"

This is the best interpretation for me because English is not the first language.
I just want the producer to reveal the secret.
I was under too much stress because of the game.

I reported anomaly for all light as shadow anomaly, and reported all shadow anomaly as light anomaly, but found nothing.

I cleared it that way and found nothing.
I'm tired now. I'm angry.
The Secret hidden in the game by the producer should have rather not been known as "hint."

You should think of it as an anagram for reverse playback of audio. List (s..hado nom -> shadow anomaly)

Then you can make a better interpretation because your first language is English.

Thanks for the feedback. I guess it's a bit too difficult now. It's pretty hard to evaluate how easy it is for other people to understand it. It just seems so easy to me because I know what it says already. I'll look into it and maybe make some changes later.

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You think it's easy because you know the answer.
I'll give you a question. It's a very easy question.

If you get the answer to this question, you'll say, "Why did I think this was so difficult?"
All problems are easy when you know how to get to the correct answer.
The problem is difficult if you don't know how to get to the right answer.

I understand that. I'll be making some changes to it.