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Mandelas death eh? 2013 doesn't seem to work when I enter it on the balcony...

Crekuba, Where is this photo? and wheres the Input? I am totally lost!

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Love this game Zastor, its such a great idea and im having so much fun! however, the secret audio needs to be cleaned up a bit! I have tried everything to solve it and i'm struggling. The audio just isn't clear enough and I have reversed it, changed the pitch, slowed it, sped it up, everything! all I can get that's kinda legible enough is (guessing)



ppkkw, I understand you're angry but relax man, it's just a game! however, you're right about the audio. I speak English as a first language and I have recorded it, slowed it down, reversed it, changed its pitch and I still can't find anything. Its not very clear, maybe some good feedback for Zastor to clear up the audio a bit so we can solve it? 

p.s whats this Photo you speak of??? i cant find it at all?