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Hi! Yeah, i see what you mean. There must be a bug in the pixelization... would you share me the original image so i can test with it? I can't promisse i will solve this fast, because i have little time free from my daily job.. but i surely will try!

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Thank you for the reply azagaya. 

Here is the original image with transparency. 

Righ-click >  Save image as... (if you're on windows) should work fine with downloading the image.

And please take your time.  :) 

Like I said, the results look pretty good right now too, but if the pixelation is maintained fully, that'd be just super. Appreciate your effort to look into it, regardless of the outcome.

Thanks again!

Hi! I manage to solve the interpolation problem in the texture.. now it should look ok when pixelated is checked.
The problem with the preview is not due to interpolation. In the image, each colour square we see as a pixel is actually made of 9 pixels. Laigter just use the real pixels, so the light will affect 9 pixels for each "pixel" you see in your image.. i'm not sure if i'm making myself clear here!

I've tried to make a pixelated preview with a shader, but no luck till now.. if i manage to do so, i'll let you know!

The texture interpolation fix will be available in next release! so stay tuned.

Nice. I assumed interpolation would be the issue since the preview was giving results similar to those I experience im Game maker studio 2 when interpolation is toggled on in it.

Looking forward to your next release!