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oh gosh thank you!!! i'm glad to hear that you're interested!! and yes, audio and visuals do so much for prose, even if it's just a little bit *___* helps that i know exactly the kind of music to use !!


you're so welcome!! omg that reminds me, i checked out your soundcloud and i am enamored with your music !!! being able to compose and create loops and really understand audio work is so impressive * U* and i'm excited to hear what you do with the music you've downloaded, it sounds like it's going to be neat!

forgets to reply for 16 hrs even tho i've read this hello THANK YOU! i'm so glad!! i've only been messing with digital production for a few years now but it's my biggest hobby outside of games and writing!! sadly i'm too busy to work on game atm but i wanna post demo tracks asap!! ;-


IT'S ALL GOOD i do the same kind of thing all the time rip it's a hectic week/month so far too. but aaaa that is super cool, the time & regard you've put into it really shows in your work!! looking forward to your next posts omgggg, feel better and good luck with everything!