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Very polished game, and very nice controls! I loved zooming around on the arrows, it made large levels go by faster than in many other puzzle games. One thing that seemed weak was the puzzle designs... many levels were large but very easy, with almost any path I took being a valid solution. I don't mind easy games but having so many solutions felt odd. Also... the colors are great, but it doesn't feel like it matches the theme.

Out of curiosity... When I first started playing, I assumed I was supposed to cover *every* tile. Was that your original idea? I notice the first few levels have the player cover all tiles.

Thank you so much for the feedback Playcebo! 

Can you believe I just skipped the theme? lol I will try to improve the level design in next versions, I really want to keep this project up to date and funny.

About your curiosity: I didn't, It was a bad design problem making the player to think it has to cover all the tiles