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Hey, you get to play as the dog this time!

Just barely reached the doghouse ending -- I think if you made the sugar rushes more frequent it would allow the player to get a higher score.

I really like the mechanic, reminds me of catlateral damage. Was pretty fun.

I would have appreciated a mario esque jump (where you control the height of the jump) because it's kind of hard to reach some of the bookcase shelves.


Once again I've fallen into "I'm the only playtester" syndrome. I thought it was too easy, heh.

Good suggestions, I'll see if I can implement those in an update tonight!

Fun fact, I almost didn't participate this week as I didn't have any good ideas. Then my dog (a Shiba Inu of course!) started tearing at the carpet out of nowhere. As I was staring at her, the light bulb went on!

Thanks for playing! :)


Thanks again for the suggestions! The "mario-jump" is definitely making the bookcases more satisfying to wreck. I also buffed the sugar rush... it does double damage now, as well as double speed. I added a few more sweets here and there too!

Played it again, the mini jump definitely helped things flow better for me!