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I love this game even though I got fully stuck and couldn't figure out how to progress up the stairs. The ambiance and the spooky atmosphere was amazing and really had me immersed. I did run into a glitch the first time through. I show that in the first minute of the video. I did play the most recent version of it. I can't wait to see more from you.

Hey thank you for playing! You should be able to fully look around and i haven't seen anyone have this issue. The key to the dinner room, spawns on one of the pinhead dolls inside the small house, after the event with the music box is triggered. Hope this helps you progress further! Cheers.


Thank you so much for your advice. I was able to finish your game. It was absolutely amazing, fun and spook-tatsic. I have the second half up on my channel. Yesterday on Reddit someone was talking about a flooded house in louisiana and wanted a game like that. I told them what perdita was about and I honestly hope they check it out. They used to live in manchac. I can't wait for your next game!! <3 Zombi

P.s. in case you want to see.

Just watched your playthrough! Thank you for playing and i am glad i could help you complete the game. A few cool things though, there are 3 secrets in the game, 2 relating to the story. If you look closely with your flashlight turned on against the mirror in the bathroom, you can see Julia and her her unborn child. You can also open windows by pressing E, and outside the window by the bathroom you can see the real body of Julia after she committed suicide. Now for the final secret, i see you enjoyed the mannequin room, now if you stay long enough inside the game, the one mannequin which head doesen't follow you will actually become alive and track your every movement and follow you around in the house. My next game is AKAI NOROI, a Asian / Japanese horror folklore inspired game, and is a lot more horrifying then my previous game, track development here if you want to, hope to release in around 1 month!