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This was so fun once I restarted because I got stuck behind the mattress. I love that it was dark but not so dark. I played something recently where the flashlight ended a foot in front of you. Looking forward to the full game.

oh my god, I'm so sorry to you and the other developer. I'll fix that straight away. Thank you for telling me.

Such a whimsy horror game. Definitely didn't see that ending coming. I loved the voices it was cute. A little hard on the controls. 

I really enjoyed this, I wasn't afraid of mannequins until now. I still might get one so I can drape fabric on it for fun. I didn't run into any bugs, I do think it is a bit too dark, not much but just a tiny smidge of too dark. Other than that I really can't wait to see what the full game is going to look like.

When the unexpected scares you. Very clean graphics and a nice feel to this game. Not to hard to play. It's the first one in the video.

Loved the feel of this game, completely reminds of the horror games I played in the 90's. Not to mention the lovecraftian feel to this. It's the second one in the this video.

Loved this game. I really love the whole something isn't there but you turn around or going a different direction(IDK what it is called) mechanic. It's something I don't see very often but I love it everytime. Keep up the great work and I can't w

ait to see what's in store.

Yasss.  A horror game that has such a perfect atmosphere . Everything looked so smooth. Only thing that was weird was how the flashlight worked, it's such a minor issue that it doesn't take away from the full experience. I honestly felt like I was exploring this house instead of playing a game.

I totally freaked at the closet, didn't expect that. The shaman needs a bit of work, the first jumpscare of him was good and got me a little bit, the second one not so much as it broke the emersion a bit. I do look forward to full game to see what you changed. I added it to one of my 2 for 1 horror videos. There's a note at the end of the Sandera Redemption part. It's the first game in the video!

Cute little short game. I really loved it. Can't wait to see more from you. This would be a cool VR game if it isn't already. I added it to one of my 2 for 1 horror videos. Its the second one!

Cool short game, loved the different gameplay styles. This kept me on my toes as I thought it was just another indie horror game, which it was not.

Devotion community · Created a new topic Spooky Beginnings

I enjoyed this game. I really hope the full version comes out. I ran into an issue of the monster not leaving me alone right after the storage room. The monster would leave and come right back couple of times. In the video I only show one of the times.

Honestly can't wait for the full release! You guys did great on this demo. I got scared when the one police ran at me. Just wondering why the one police by the first set of crates was stuck in the corner. There's a bug that when you try to read the first note you come across it has the message from the third note. Other than I have nothing but praise for you.

Interesting game. I loved that sometimes there was more than one option for the request of the pizza lord. I understand that this was made for a jam. I would love to see this game expanded. Like the Pizza Lord comes back years later.  It's the second game in this video of my 2 for 1's.

I enjoyed the demo very much, looking forward to the rest of the game!! I'm shocked I solved a puzzle without all the clues. It's the first game in this video of one of my 2 for 1's.

Spooky little game. Had a lot of fun with this.

Such and adorable continuation to an adorable series. I really hope there is more to come.

I loved this game series. Honestly hope to see more!! 

This game is amazingly adorable. Took me a bit to figure out everything since I like going blindly into games lately. I love graphics, I loved gameplay, played a few more times then shown. Your talent shows and I honestly can not wait for whatever you may come up with in the future. I had a hard time finding the cream(is a sentence I never thought I would type or say).

Hiya, I loved the cuteness of this game. It was very fun and difficult. I notoriously bad at platformers so hopefully your not too mad at me about that. I had some slight issues possibly on my end for recording it. I want at least defeat the 3rd level. 

The cutest game I have ever played. I really enjoyed being a little pupper. It warmed my heart. <3 <3 <3

Super cute & fun indie game. Honestly can't wait to see what's inside that box.

thank you for the time and energy. I look forward to seeing what your planning. Have a good semester. <3

A quick Let's Play. This was adorable and fulfilled my need of having pyro in games! I got sooo close. 

Loved this. It was a great story. I would love to see the adventure Sarah went on in the future or more to this story. This game left me on a cliffhanger of what she went through.  I really look forward to seeing what is next.

A very awesome short horror game. I wish it was longer. Love how the booogeyman appeared in the paintings.

PT is back with a vengeance!!. Thank you so much for spending the time and energy on this. I missed out on the original, and now I feel as if I didn't miss out on anything. I couldn't get the final puzzle to trigger. Overall I really enjoyed this and can't wait to see what you come out with next. This was so amazing I don't even think I can give enough praise.

Lovely little Horror escape room. I was physically terrorfied in the middle of playing this. Took a bit to figure out what was going on. Once I did it was a sweet personal achievement to escape. Honestly can not wait to see more from you guys!! Now I'm going to hug my cat.

Your welcome. 

I really love this short visual novel type of game. The ending was adorable.

Always love your games. First one I've recorded. Ready to come back for more! <3