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Thank you so much for your advice. I was able to finish your game. It was absolutely amazing, fun and spook-tatsic. I have the second half up on my channel. Yesterday on Reddit someone was talking about a flooded house in louisiana and wanted a game like that. I told them what perdita was about and I honestly hope they check it out. They used to live in manchac. I can't wait for your next game!! <3 Zombi

P.s. in case you want to see.

I love this game even though I got fully stuck and couldn't figure out how to progress up the stairs. The ambiance and the spooky atmosphere was amazing and really had me immersed. I did run into a glitch the first time through. I show that in the first minute of the video. I did play the most recent version of it. I can't wait to see more from you.

This is such a beautiful game. I love point and clicks. The art style is so refreshing, the music was so relaxing. I can't wait to play the whole thing! I can't wait to see more from you.

I got the doors to work, thank you for the advice. I hope I figured out what was happening in the game. I miss pixelated low poly games. So much nostalgia.

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This was so much fun. As long as I don't die I could play for hours. 

thank you. I'll try again and let you know if anything changes. 

Am I missing something? I tried mouse support and remastered build. The door at the beginning just did not open for me.

I really like this game, I feel I've played before the beta. It had a chest in it. I can't wait to see what's to come!!

I had fun playing this. I was under the weather I'm sorry if I don't seem energetic or scared. I haven't played a horror game with jumpscares in a while, it was refreshing. The first key was a dead give away. I'm excited to see the rest of the chapters. I loved the PT vibes. 

your welcome,  looking forward to nemesis!!

I love this game. I love that I got to be creative, took me back to my art classes. I really love the dinosaur area. The music was so serene. I can see how you can spend literal hours on creating in this game. Only thing I like having an option of disabling motion blur, sometimes that mechanic gets me motion sick.  

I was not expecting that. I loved being able to "destroy" the home, such as kid would do. I did think there was going to be a bit of a horror aspect to this and was pleasantly surprised. Your game is the second one in the video!

I had So much fun playing this! Loved how whimsical it was. It's the first one in the video!

I had a lot fun playing this. I may sound frustrated a bit, the doors not opening started to really get to me. May I offer a suggestion on this or any other horror survival game in the future, where you have to run from the creature/monster chasing you, have a hiding spot(popular spots are wardrobes, under beds, and lockers). Love the creepy vibe, I really felt like I was back in the medieval days.

Such a magical world. Loved the Alice the Wonderland vibe with a hint of Tim Burton. Super adorable, whimsical and magical. Teleporting paired with quick reflexes is such a lovely mechanic to platformers.

At first I was what is going on here? I think I understood the message at the end. Again amazing work. Looking forward to nemesis. Your game is the first in the video!

OMG!! This was amazing. I can not wait until the full release. Misfortune is soooo adorable! I can already tell this will end up being one of my favorite games. I love the art style, the voice acting, pretty much everything.

I LOVE the art style to this game, gives me some Edna and Harvey vibes, or flash game vibes. Even though it was shorter than some I have played recently it was absolutely enjoyable.

OMG yay. I just adore your game. The visuals, the storyline so far. I haven't fully completed it yet. I'm finishing tomorrow. I can't wait to see how it ends. I also can't wait to see whatever else your mind can create.

This is was so much fun. I'm so intrigued. Tragically got lost in the black and white maze. I love that style.   Can't wait for chapter 2. 

I enjoyed this so much. Looking forward to nemesis. I hope I sort of figured it out. There was a slight glitch at the end for me. I played through again and it went fine. That ambience got to me when I played the second time around. So much I died. lol 

A great little game. The jumpscares were jumpy. I loved atmosphere. I felt like aliens would make an appearance, love the realism on the ritual.

It's honestly a fun game. I seriously can't wait to see what you work on.

I loved this game even if it's short. Gave me some Fatal Frame vibes. Can't wait to see what you do next, or maybe expand on this idea. 

A good visual novel. I love the mix of the point and click part of the adventure as well. A couple of typos, that's just nitpicking. I really enjoyed this. This is the first half of it. I'm wondering if there's multiple endings?

Such a fun short game.

It was a little sensitive in the movements. I like this style  of an escape room type of game. I like the aspect of something chasing me.

Omg this game was so different in a great way, it was a mixture of silliness and fps. It was so much fun. It's the second game in the video.

I loved the art style of this game. Absolutely stunning. I love the soundtrack. One of my current favorites. I can not wait for the full version of this.

I love the ambience in this game, very nostalgic of old school horror. I don't know if you plan on making a full game to this, but I would be very interested. It was a great demo and very jumpscare-y.

I love the story so far. The soundtrack is amazing. I love RPG maker games. they're so nostalgic. This is the first part of the prototype.

This was so fun once I restarted because I got stuck behind the mattress. I love that it was dark but not so dark. I played something recently where the flashlight ended a foot in front of you. Looking forward to the full game.

oh my god, I'm so sorry to you and the other developer. I'll fix that straight away. Thank you for telling me.

Such a whimsy horror game. Definitely didn't see that ending coming. I loved the voices it was cute. A little hard on the controls. 

I really enjoyed this, I wasn't afraid of mannequins until now. I still might get one so I can drape fabric on it for fun. I didn't run into any bugs, I do think it is a bit too dark, not much but just a tiny smidge of too dark. Other than that I really can't wait to see what the full game is going to look like.

When the unexpected scares you. Very clean graphics and a nice feel to this game. Not to hard to play. It's the first one in the video.

Loved the feel of this game, completely reminds of the horror games I played in the 90's. Not to mention the lovecraftian feel to this. It's the second one in the this video.