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thank you for the time and energy. I look forward to seeing what your planning. Have a good semester. <3

A quick Let's Play. This was adorable and fulfilled my need of having pyro in games! I got sooo close. 

Loved this. It was a great story. I would love to see the adventure Sarah went on in the future or more to this story. This game left me on a cliffhanger of what she went through.  I really look forward to seeing what is next.

A very awesome short horror game. I wish it was longer. Love how the booogeyman appeared in the paintings.

PT is back with a vengeance!!. Thank you so much for spending the time and energy on this. I missed out on the original, and now I feel as if I didn't miss out on anything. I couldn't get the final puzzle to trigger. Overall I really enjoyed this and can't wait to see what you come out with next. This was so amazing I don't even think I can give enough praise.

Lovely little Horror escape room. I was physically terrorfied in the middle of playing this. Took a bit to figure out what was going on. Once I did it was a sweet personal achievement to escape. Honestly can not wait to see more from you guys!! Now I'm going to hug my cat.

Your welcome. 

I really love this short visual novel type of game. The ending was adorable.

Always love your games. First one I've recorded. Ready to come back for more! <3