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Sorry English only for now.

Thanks for playing glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you very much! Due to the isolation concept and minimal space i challenged myself to try make a game in a confined space! I have more Japanese horror games coming as well as others, so there is probably something more you would like, feel free to browse my other releases as well. I do appreciate the support a lot!

Hey man, no worries think I saw you posted it on your channel. Thank you so much for the support and definitely love trying out some different stuff I've got brewing stay tuned for more! Cheers

Thanks for playing glad you had fun with it!

You need to use WinRAR to extract the content folder of the game and execute the game with the .exe. WinRAR is free. 

Thanks for playing glad you enjoyed it, more games coming soon!

Just commented on your video on youtube, well done! Thanks for playing as always!

Thanks for playing! I'll make sure to let her know. 

Awesome playthrough and glad you enjoyed the game!

Thanks! I have plenty of upcoming titles. Be sure to wish-list Dead Faces on Steam if you are interested!

Thanks for playing and for your feedback, the game is intended to be a short experience as it takes place in a rather isolated and small location, the story is mostly hidden within notes and unfortunately you missed the final one giving an conclusion to the whole ordeal ( it's next to the big eye in the bathroom ) regardless thanks and I will probably revisit doing more japanese horror as well as some longer ones. Cheers

Thanks! That is awesome to hear, I'm glad you enjoy my games and Sabishii. I will for sure be creating more japanese horror games in the future. You are most welcome! 

Glad you liked it!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and for your support as always!

Thanks man glad you enjoyed it!

SABISHII 寂しい  - A short japanese psychological horror game about loneliness, isolation and loss.
Game page:

Osuke a Hikkomori who has been living alone in his small apartment for years has begun having visions of his mother who was taken from him in a tragic accident before he began isolating himself from the world.



  • Photo realism with photo scanned materials
  • Atmospheric authentic Japanese apartment
  • Camcorder with nightvision mechanic
  • Realistic immersive audio design and 3D audio using binaural surround sound & randomized audio
  • Nightmarish atmosphere & puzzles
  • A story about loneliness, isolation and loss

Created by Aza Game Studio

WARNING: This game contains sensitive subjects such as sxicide, and has effects and flashing lights that could trigger a seizure in some, play at your own risk.


Thanks for playing that was awesome haha. Cheers

Thanks for playing glad you had fun with it!

Thank you for playing my friend glad you enjoyed it. Moving onwards to bigger and better titles now be sure to wish-list dead faces on steam if you haven't already! 

Awesome hope you enjoy them. There are 2 bundles one includes the lost tapes + incident tape series, other one urbex sim bundle with a good variety of themes / locations. Total 14 but 15 incl. Grainwind Incident 77 yes. Cheers!

Awesome, thanks for playing and for your support!

Thanks for playing!

Awesome playthrough as always and awesome reactions! Thank you so much for playing!

Awesome much love for your support for my work! Cheers

Nicely done and thank you for your continued support glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you so much!

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Pripyat Block 1968 has now been released!

Available now at:

15 years after the Chernobyl incident you have trespassed into the territory of Pripyat to explore one of the abandoned apartment blocks. As you continue with your exploration throughout the night, every sound and noise keeps you on edge and you can't help shake the feeling that you are not alone. 

Priypat Block 1968 is a VHS Found Footage Urbex Simulation horror with emphasis on atmosphere, unpredictability, realism and a non-linear design, focusing on the feeling of providing a realistic solo urban exploration in a abandoned apartment building.

Extra pants sold separately as DLC

Works on Windows 11 as well yes.

The game will only be for Windows.

Thanks for your feedback! You can now disable and enable the fisheye effect ingame in the graphics section

Singleplayer only.

Yes you can now disable and enable it ingame in the graphics section

I've actually just released a update now in which you can turn it off in-game if you please to do so. Thank you for playing.

Q4 2024 - Release date TBD. Thank you.

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*EDIT* you can now disable and enable it ingame in the graphics section

The full game will feature settings to adjust the fish-eye effect to your liking as well as turn on/off various other effects. Thank you for your feedback.

Thanks for playing glad you liked it and the story!