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This is shaping up really nicely! Can custom routes be shared easily? I realize any sort of route curation or download hub is a huge amount of work and a whole new can of worms to deal with. :)

All the new graphics enhancements look great!

Thanks! The easiest way to share routes is via Steam Workshop which is basically a download hub. If you don't wish to use Steam then it might be possible to use websites like Or, just e-mail your route to me and I'll include it in the core package with appropriate credits! The file sizes are very small since there won't be any custom textures yet.

Oh hm,  I only have DRS on Steam Workshop is great news regardless.

You can claim a free Steam key for DRS here on itch, so you can access the Workshop free of cost if you want to.

... I did not know that. I shall do so!

Have already enjoyed a few drives (can confirm that urban areas look a lot better; noticed some glitches on overpasses where the bridge wall and surface don't line up, there are gaps), and have finally dared to turn off a few assists. I can't imagine driving without the route map though, it just seems impossible without advance warning of speed changes. Maybe I could get away without signals and just rely on AWS, hmm ... :)

Looking forward to whatever is next, keep up the great work.