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Ok after a long wait here we go i got part 2 and my ending up :) this was a great game and i wish we had more animal visual games there so fun to play ^_^ 

Ok, since you weren't going to replay the game for the better ending I'll upload the ending I got from the very first playthrough which probably appears to be the best one (good ending). It's still not too happy, but far better than the one you got and hopefully will make you less upset about how this game ended. Now I'm interested if someone got bad ending, but I'll hardly get it myself as I kinda have moral principles of being nice, truthful etc. (same reason I'd never play Undertale for genocide ending/kill any monsters there, won't ever receive "betrayal" ending in Angels with Scaly Wings etc.).

On the games 1 year anniversary the bad ending will be posted to my YouTube. ;) I just finished recording my play though of the game and plan to start posting it to YouTube starting this Friday, June 28th. The last one will go out on the 12th of July. :) I will stop by here and reply to this one with that video if you or anyone else wishes to see the evil ending but not take the evil route in the game. It is pretty dark.

Here it is for anyone who wants to know the evil ending but doesn't want to have to though to get it. SPOILER of course. :)

They are a lot of fun. It is something different. There is something unique to it. Thank you so much for playing though the game. It was fun to watch. :D