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My impressions after playing it for around 10 minutes 

How does flying work? I killed a few rabbits by paws and breath but after that it still showed me "prey hunted: 0." And what to do with those large meat pieces which drop from dead rabbits? The area is very large, I got easily lost and couldn't get back to the place where mannequin gave me quest to hunt 3 rabbits. Maybe need to make a map with directions. Are there any enemies to fight or only rabbits? Can dragon swim?

What are the controls? The game doesn't work past title screen no matter what I press on both joystick or keyboard. (Windows 7)

Ok, since you weren't going to replay the game for the better ending I'll upload the ending I got from the very first playthrough which probably appears to be the best one (good ending). It's still not too happy, but far better than the one you got and hopefully will make you less upset about how this game ended. Now I'm interested if someone got bad ending, but I'll hardly get it myself as I kinda have moral principles of being nice, truthful etc. (same reason I'd never play Undertale for genocide ending/kill any monsters there, won't ever receive "betrayal" ending in Angels with Scaly Wings etc.).

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OMG what a work of great talent this game is, seriously, I'm rather impressed. Didn't expect the good ending being like that though. You really should make more stuff like this and I'd even buy it if it gets released on steam, for example. Playing this game almost felt as good as playing Angels with Scaly Wings which was my favorite visual novel. Sure it'd be a bit of an exaggeration to compare them, but still the feelings were sometimes similar. If you're not familiar with it, definitely play it for artistic inspiration. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for this creation, it brightened my 2 sleepless nights =^^=