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The game carshes as soon as I press "Begin"

Сигнатура проблемы:

  Имя события проблемы:    APPCRASH

  Имя приложения:    Ailuri.exe

  Версия приложения:    2019.1.6.38659

  Отметка времени приложения:    5cf7cbcd

  Имя модуля с ошибкой:    UnityPlayer.dll

  Версия модуля с ошибкой:    2019.1.6.38659

  Отметка времени модуля с ошибкой:    5cf7cd49

  Код исключения:    c0000005

  Смещение исключения:    000000000122aace

  Версия ОС:    6.1.7601.

  Код языка:    1049

  Дополнительные сведения 1:    2467

  Дополнительные сведения 2:    2467f69bd78eed213be2a15ddfdcdac6

  Дополнительные сведения 3:    6929

  Дополнительные сведения 4:    6929cb5fdc5e523c56ba5e95e0284deb

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Wow, such a change of filesize. Yea it works now, I just don't understand anything in gameplay, it really needs tutorial stage.

I downloaded it and extracted it from zip but there's no *.exe or any icon or anything to run the game, just a bunch of files and folders. How am I supposed to play/run it?

Well I have e-mail notifications so I know when there's a reply. As for Raya - I've seen it in IMAX and then a 2 or 3 times in 3D, I even lost count (in Ukraine ticket costs around 3$. It's also obviously very easy to watch anything online here if you don't go to cinema, though I did buy Raya officially (i.e., digital copy) as soon as it was available.

As for AWSW - just check some reviews and you'll see how ppl react to it. Same way as Undertale was the most well-know Game Maker game, AWSW is probably the best Ren'Py game. It's so deep that it has 13 endings, including "evil" one, the analogue of Undertale's genocide route. It also has lots of secrets, so many that the author of the game claims that fans haven't been able to discover them all even though several years passed since the game's release. I was especially impressed by how well-hidden was the "Secret Total Ending" of the game, it's, like, even 100 times harder to discover than the True Endin, because to receive it you practically need to hack into game's files. And the game will also destroy you emotionally multiple times in a row, even with some of its "good" endings. Also, after you finish the game you'll probably want to play fan-made mods, they're integrated into the game so well that you don't even need to install them manually, the game searches and installs them itself. So far I've only played "Not-so-Tragic Hero" mod (interesting thing is that it requires and checks a lot of in-game stuff too and you need to have received True ending and have certail levels of relationships with dragons for the mod to trigger, WOW). 

Anyway I'll be interested to read your review after you fully complete Angels with Scaly Wings (which means seeing True Ending). As well as to find out who was your favorite dragon. 

When I try to run the game it just shows this text

"WebGL builds are not supported on mobile devices.


I tested it both on Firefox and Chrome, same results. On PC.

So basically that means I've already seen both good endings (Good ending one and The End). And 2 bad ones out of 3 (one super-early bad ending before Chapter one and one when you choose Lightning instead of Sleep which I did because I thought that I haven't been taught Sleep spells). The 3rd bad eding is probably the one where you have to mistreat the dragon and choose all bad answers which is too hard for me to do morally)

Just tried some other options and received the same wonder. Because I was as nice to the dragon as possible. I'll probably won't receive other endings which are left because my attitude towards dragons prevents me from any offending or bad choices and I just can't be evil. There's probably one more bad "evil" ending as it was in Angels with Scaly Wings which I of coure never received but I still wonder what I need to do to receive "Good Ending Two" if there is one. 

And to the author - THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I adore any dragon-centered games and visual novels, there aren't that many of them and you gifted me with happy evening! Whatever you plan to do next, don't stop. I'd be even buying such games if you release more on steam or here. 

Just finished playing through the game, received "Good ending one" and one ending simply stated "The End", also got one preliminary bad ending even before Chapter one by listening to my silly parents and one bad ending in Chapter 5 when trying to hit the guard with the lightning instead of sleep spell. Hmm, seems like there's one more good ending at very least and probably one more bad one?

And I didn't unlock everything in the gallery yet. But really loved the story and the dragon was cute, the game's not long, took me maybe 1,5 hours to complete.

Hmmm, weird, it seems now it starts downloading but antivirus prevents the download from start. The file which it tries to download indeed isn't FunniBaddle 3D Demo.exe, it's some BAT file.

Where's the game? The download doesn't seem to start at all.

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Wow, just replayed the updated version of Levar's life and got another good ending (I always do, I cannot be evil) and decided to check your page and saw this great news! Surprised no one else commented so far. 2020 was such a hard year for everyone, but those who survived including me are so happy you and your great visual novel games exist, you do remember my comments on Levar's life, do you? Did you try Angels with Scaly Wings since then, another amazing dramatic visual novel but with dragons? Also have you seen Raya and the Last Dragon? That movie impacted me so much. Anyway, really looking forward to playing this sequel. I wish you could publish your games on steam or something, that way more ppl knew about them.

By the way, how to reset the game? It should be saved somewhere on PC and maybe you're supposed to delete the file? Also what about the future versions, really looking forward to those. It was a very cute game.

"Please check back before the end of the month to see if a new version is up as the ending is currently only about 50% of what we wanted it to be"

Really looking forward to that. Also...where's the save file?

No update yet? I don't even know how to restart the game.

Just hatched! There was little animation too. The question now is how to start the game again and whether there are different endings

Lucky you, after almost a month (maybe after around 25-26 days), when the dragon got really big, almost as big as an egg, the next day it seems the game kinda reset to day one? Because I see this. And the day after it's again like that. In 3 days it'll be a month since I started playing this game

О, это уже полная версия? Спасибо за то, что несете добро и свет в нашу жизнь, круто, что она еще и бесплатно, сейчас такой позитив всем очень нужен. Вечером поиграю.

Ой какая милая игруля, какой прелестный пузатенький дракоша с характером, прекрасный живой русский язык и приятная музыка! Я только начал играть и уже в восхищении! Я так понимаю, планируется выпуск полной версии?

My impressions after playing it for around 10 minutes 

How does flying work? I killed a few rabbits by paws and breath but after that it still showed me "prey hunted: 0." And what to do with those large meat pieces which drop from dead rabbits? The area is very large, I got easily lost and couldn't get back to the place where mannequin gave me quest to hunt 3 rabbits. Maybe need to make a map with directions. Are there any enemies to fight or only rabbits? Can dragon swim?

What are the controls? The game doesn't work past title screen no matter what I press on both joystick or keyboard. (Windows 7)

Ok, since you weren't going to replay the game for the better ending I'll upload the ending I got from the very first playthrough which probably appears to be the best one (good ending). It's still not too happy, but far better than the one you got and hopefully will make you less upset about how this game ended. Now I'm interested if someone got bad ending, but I'll hardly get it myself as I kinda have moral principles of being nice, truthful etc. (same reason I'd never play Undertale for genocide ending/kill any monsters there, won't ever receive "betrayal" ending in Angels with Scaly Wings etc.).

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OMG what a work of great talent this game is, seriously, I'm rather impressed. Didn't expect the good ending being like that though. You really should make more stuff like this and I'd even buy it if it gets released on steam, for example. Playing this game almost felt as good as playing Angels with Scaly Wings which was my favorite visual novel. Sure it'd be a bit of an exaggeration to compare them, but still the feelings were sometimes similar. If you're not familiar with it, definitely play it for artistic inspiration. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for this creation, it brightened my 2 sleepless nights =^^=