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Aaaa I was actually thinking about that to? About the pros and cons of this game being randomized, but I didn't mention it because I didn't know your specific vision! And yeah, it's a tough choice. Having it preset allows you to make a lot more of a specific mood for the character. Randomization can help with replayability, but it can be really hard to do without having it be blatantly noticeable. The best in-between I could think of in this case would be having multiple characters you could play as, but then that gets time intensive!!!

Also thats so cute, birds and ferns. I'm just imagining like a little fern just gently lifting up something to you for the surprise party. Like, 'here you go friend', and you can just be pleased at how nice this plant is.

And it's no trouble! This is a cool concept!


Yeah I'd rather have control over the mood than possibly nonsensical randomization because this game is more about the specific area and how it feels.

I did think about doing multiple characters or a interaction at the beginning that changes the information, but I think that would be for a later, more complex version of the game!

That is very cute...ferns are kind.


I think even if you left it uncomplex it sounds like it would still be a very fulfilling game and a fun read

i agree! it would let me focus on adding the small things. thank you for the input