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Love the visuals and audios of this! Great use of ASCII and it looks and sounds amazing.

The gameplay is pretty interesting, but could probably use a bit more time and balance, but it's real fun building up your board with flowers. If the goal is to gain as much money as possible you can do that by sitting on one money flower in the corner of the board indefinitely. If the goal is to grow a plant in each tile, at some point you really end up at the mercy of the enemy spawn patterns and which flowers you are offered. At around 7 or so flowers there starts being a lot of enemy spawn configurations that you can't defend in time unless there's some mechanical hook I am missing. The two biggest challenges are the next enemy way spawning immediately and with only one turn notice and the fact that enemies can kill the flower you are standing on.

I never did figure out what the yellow squares mean, or any insight into the enemy AI beyond them acting every other turn.

All and all I really enjoyed playing around with this. Thanks!


Hi! Thanks for your feedback! :-)

Yeah, the game is definetely super unbalanced. Things came up on the last days and I had little time for the game. I think I ended up having like less than an hour for balance.

There was a fourth plant (that I had to cut off due to lack of time) that allowed you to have some control over enemy spawn. I agree having an enemy spawn right next to a plant feels cheap. You can move to agro them far from the plant but that strategy only works on some cases.

The yellow squares are just the enemy trail. I added them when enemies just teleported from one tile to other so you could see where they came from. I guess now that the enemies move properly those yellow are distracting and confusing.
Again, thanks for the detailed comment!