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That's an unintended feature (controlling both paddles), sorry!

Sorry about that! It's explained in the description:

"It's endless and there's no goal.

Once dialogues start repeating you've seen it all."

congrats! :-D

Hi there! I didn't change anything haha. Must have been something in your browser.

Thanks for coming back here and letting me know! :-D

Oh, thanks for spotting this! I think it shouldn't be too hard to fix (famous last words).

I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed the game!

Thanks for the kind words! :-D

Handle the source with care, I was working quite fast and it's super messy haha.

You can place blocks around to try to get the shape you need, but it's like a gamble since you might end up blocking cells you want to use for a path later on.

Yeah, they are like shields. The next update will correct that. I changed that mechanic right at the end but I didn't have time to update the sprite/text.

These are all very fair points. I actually wanted to replace the sword with a shield in an update, I changed the mechanic to a defense-like thing right at the end and I didn't have time to tweak the assets.

Regarding movement and interacting with items, I was very worried about players struggling to understand that concept, but I couldn't figure out a clean way to show it (without using an annoying pop-up window) in time for the jam.

Thanks for taking the time to write this and record the video!

Just added a quick option, though it's not hinted in-game. Just press the spacebar while on fullscreen mode or using a desktop build.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked the game. I was very worried about properly explaining the mechanics, I added a bunch of tips but I fear they're still not super clear haha.

Regarding the fast-forward mechanic, I'll probably upload a patch with it either today or tomorrow. The actual reason why I didn't include it is that my code was pretty crappy and I feared it could break lots of things without some proper testing (and I didn't want to rush it).

Hi there! I'm sorry to hear this. I'm not sure if I can do anything to fix it. I wasn't sure if you also needed WebGL to run the desktop version.

Thanks! This is lovely.

Hi there! No, this isn't a competitive jam. The only goal is to cheer up somebody close to you.

Hi there! You can use third party music as long as you have the rights to use it. It can be tricky to check the license type on Youtube though. This jam assumes you made your homework and used music that you have the legal rights to include in your game.

Yup, I just removed all of those (and reported the user). I tend to check submissions every day.

I think making a gift for yourself fits the theme better (since it's supposed to be something personal). But feel free to do any of these as long as it's meant for one particular person.

Gift Jam 2020 community · Created a new topic Removed games


This jam (as most jams on itchio) gets a big amount of fake entries. Games that weren't made for this jam and are submitted as a way to promote them. I check every entry and (if I have serious doubts about it) I'll remove it from the jam. Let me know if I accidentally deleted yours.

This is such a cool concept!

Hi there! Is there anything I can subscribe to/follow (twitter or email) to get notified once the physical book is available?

I did a quick implementation (which isn't fully tested) of some additional keyboard layouts (including AZERTY). You can press escape during the tutorial to go to the menu and choose the right layout there.

Thanks! I'll try to add more keyboard layouts soon.

Thanks a lot for your comment! Having a realistic approach to tie knots was one of my goals with this project :-P

I think 10 was the maximum. I'm afraid this was a small game made during a jam.

Hi! It was composed by Hernán Ojuel. It's in the game's description.

I ended up ordering sushi last night. It was the only real option after spending a day working on this and searching "fun facts about sushi".


El juego está super pulido para ser de una jam. Me ha gustado el estilo visual y el giro que le habéis dado al tema. Os dejo aquí algunas anotaciones (que seguro que ya se os han pasado por la cabeza) si decidis seguir trabajando en el proyecto:

- Estaría bien que la tecla de llorar apareciese en pantalla al acercarte a la tumba.

- Creo que el concepto de tiempo, puntuación y progreso ("tienes que conseguir la mejor puntuación en el menor tiempo posible" pero el juego acaba cuando rellenas la barra) todo junto queda algo confuso. Sobre todo me rompe que al hacer acciones bien suban tanto la barra como la puntuación. Creo que sería más directo si sólo tuviese la puntuación y un temporizador (y el objetivo fuese hacer muchos puntos en ese tiempo) o si sólo tuviese la barra de progreso y el tiempo (y el objetivo fuese rellenar la barra en el menor tiempo posible). Tener trés métricas distrae un poco y hay dos que se solapan.

- El gameplay de la versión de la jam se queda un poco superficial, al final es muy "Whac-A-Mole". Vas al fantasma y presionas un botón varias veces y ya está, no hay decisiones interesantes. Normalmente este tipo de juegos suelen hacer cosas como ponerte varios objetivos (que no haya sólo uno) y que desaparezcan al cabo de un tiempo, obligándote a elegir por dónde ir. Podéis ir haciendo más compleja la decisión de elegir cómo usar el tiempo, por ejemplo, añadiendo un tipo de fantasma (de otro color) que desaparezca más rápido. Jugando con el tiempo de aparición y otros factores podéis crear más variedad y hacer que (además del tiempo de reacción) los jugadores tomen decisiones más interesantes a cada momento.

Hi there! Yeah, the game is basically a minesweeper (though using a hexagonal grid and hiding the actual numbers). It went through a couple of crazier iterations, but I ended up going for a more simple ruleset that favored a strong presentation.

With just 1 hour there's not much room for planning haha. I was a bit stuck with the idea and I decided to make a platformer and place a grid in the background (because grid was the theme). Then I was thinking about how cool it'd be to edit the level, but I wasn't sure about how to implement that. Then I switched to another idea where you had to fill the whole grid with color as fast as possible, which wasn't super fun. And then it was like "wait, what if I combine these two".

Just throwing stuff at the engine and going for whatever feels good is a nice way to prototype small new mechanics.


I thought this was a really cool concept for a jam. I have a couple of questions:

- Making a Wario Ware level means you should have a limited amount of lives and you play until you reach the boss or lose all your lives?

- Should the game window close once you lose all your lives or beat the boss?

- Should the games be windowed or on fullscreen mode?

- Is it ok to have a pause button? What key should it be assigned to?

Hi! This looks lovely. Not a professional translator, but I'm a Spanish game designer. Ping me at " hi.ludipe [at] "if you want to talk about this.

Always up for things like that. You can send me the details to:   hi.ludipe [at] gmail [dot] com

This is amazing, thanks!

Hi there! I'd like to submit my collection of small experimental analogue role playing games.

Hi there! I'm really happy you liked this game.

Glad you enjoyed it!
The game has no end. I thought it didn't really make sense given the theme.
As the description says: "Once dialogues start repeating you've seen it all"

The engine places your save in a different folder. Even if you delete the game folder, that won't remove your save.

The main mechanic is based on mastermind, you try something, get feedback on it and then try to decide how to evolve it.

I think it's amazing you both made this.