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Mostly a matter of being super familiar with the tools, used to the puzzle genre and programming things in an extremely awful (but functional) way.

Why it is tagged like 'a downloadable game' if I can't download it?

I'm forced to tag it as either a downloadable game or a web game, neither of those really fits the description.

Is it placed on a specific City? Should I look for it?

I sometimes prepare a few copies for cities I travel to, but I mostly rely on events/festivals/associations that want to feature it. This page is an attempt to facilitate that kind of contact.


So the game is all about figuring out the name of the demon in front of you (press summon to show the first one). The demon catalog on the right contains clues you must use to identify the demon. When you think you've found the right name, click confirm the name. So for example, if you think the demon in front of you is Belzebro, have that page open and then click confirm.

If you were right, the demon will go away. If you were wrong, they'll mock you and you won't be able to guess another name for half a minute.

The game ends after you find the name of 5 demons.

Thanks for the information! I'll look into it either way, it's always a bit tricky when you can't debug a bug on your own.

Hi! I play and debug everything on Firefox. Is there any chance you're zooming in/out or changing the scale of the page?

Just to cover potential game spoilers (like hints or solutions).

Gung cntr nyfb fnlf gurl'er gur pbzcyrgryl bccbfvgr bs gurve oebgure, jub nyjnlf gryyf gur gehgu.  :-)

Once you've identified the demon, click the button on the left that says confirm to choose the name from the page that is currently open.

You can use to translate the following code.

N ehyr va gur znahny fnlf qrzbaf qba'g xabj nobhg gur thvqr lbh'er hfvat gb yrnea gurve anzrf. Ohg gur ynfg qrzba zragvbaf gur thvqr, fb ubj pbhyq gung or? Ba gur svefg cntr bs gur thvqr (nybat jvgu gur tnzr perqvgf, vg nyfb nccrnef ba gur vgpu cntr) gurer'f n yvar gung fnlf Ovyy jebgr naq erivrjrq gur qrzba snpgf ba gur thvqr. Naq gurer'f na ragel gurer nobhg n qrzba anzrq Ovyy, fb gurer'f n qrzba gung urycrq jevgr gur thvqr naq xabjf nobhg vg. Naq Ovyy'f ragel ba gur thvqr vf shaal jura lbh ernyvmr ur jebgr vg (vg fnlf Ovyy vf vaperqvoyr naq fhpprffshy naq nyfb fhcre uhzoyr).

Lbh pna irevsl gung snpg, purpx bhg gur tnzr perqvgf (obgu va-tnzr naq ba gur vgpu cntr unun).

Oh, good catch! I double-checked everything but it's never enough haha. I just uploaded a patch.

Hi! Just writing something on the page text would have been enough, it's just to help me filter spam submissions to the jam (we always get a lot).
But thanks for posting it here! Happy to hear this was your first jam, I hope you had fun!

This is amazing! Thanks for sharing!
Nice use of colors and shapes btw.

I honestly can't remember hahaha, it was so long ago. I'm guessing I probably hand-picked the letters that can appear on the requests.

Thanks for getting in touch, but we aren't looking for testers at this moment.


I'm flooded at the moment with very basic post-launch support. But send me an email to hi.ludipe @ gmail . com and we'll see if it can be done.

There are around 60 levels (plus narrative scenes). The minimum playthrough time tends to be around 2 hours, but that can stretch to 4-6 hours based on your familiarity with puzzle games and if you want to see all the content.
Levels are built with one solution in mind, but the open mechanics lets you complete the levels in different ways (and I try to encourage that, I never block alternative solutions). On some levels, you can even reach the solution using fewer resources. So it's more open than your traditional puzzle game but not as open as a management game.
There's an old demo on Steam that I'll publish on itch if I find time to update it.


Only doctors on the left can take 3 patients. The game doesn't save your progress but you can use the commands from the help menu (pressing H) if you want to go back to this level and finish the game.

This is absolutely amazing and mind-blowing.

As long as the theme fits! (and you explain that in the field that appears when submitting)

It's a coop game for two people playing using the same computer. One person looks at the screen and is given instructions (but can't use the keyboard). The other person is able to press keys but doesn't know what's going on. The first player will direct the second saying things like "a little bit to the left", which is supposed to mimic what happens when somebody is scratching your back.

Hi! It's a tricky answer.

I built a custom level editor while working on the game, and I really want to release it. Most developers don't do this because (unless your game is super popular) it barely gets any use. I don't mind that, it's just a thing I want to do for personal reasons.

So I need to really polish it (right now it's not meant to be used by others) and make it easier to share levels around. That last part involves a lot of work and there's a chance I could hit a major block (I'd need to look into implementing steam workshop into the project structure).

The game will launch without a level editor. After that, I'll start working on a public level editor, but it involves a few challenges I haven't tackled in the past, so I can't make any official announcements until I'm sure it's happening.

Thanks for your comment! It does mean a lot, I'm really happy you're using this tool.
Apparently, I decided to upload the source of this to the itch page, so I might be able to implement saving options. Give me a few days to look into it!

Hi there!

We can totally add your game. DM me on twitter (Ludipe) or send me an email (hi.ludipe [at] so we can sort this out.

Hi! This sounds amazing! Please, submit it to the jam!

Making a game for your family is perfectly fine.

Tired doctors (gray) can only take one patient. But if a doctor gets 2 or less patients on the first turn (left), they won't be tired on the second turn (right).


Tip: You can skip any level in the game.

Hi there! I used one of your tracks on this jam game.

Thanks a lot for sharing it!

It's certainly doable, but I finished this project a long time ago and I'm working on new things. I might revisit this later on, I love spelling games!

Hi there! The ratio thing is just a narrative bit, the mechanics in level 3 are just like the ones in level 2. You can skip any level from the help menu if you want to.

I made this years ago but I'm 99% sure it's just a mistake. Probably hahaha.

¡Buenas! Me alegro mucho de que te gusten mis juegos :-D
En cuanto a lo de la inspiración, sale un poco de cualquier sitio. Normalmente es más fácil que me inspire con cosas que inicialmente no están relacionadas con juegos (aunque luego busque mecánicas o estructuras más comunes para articular esas ideas).

Yup, that seems to be the issue. The AI is as simple as it gets and it seems to be having trouble with that mechanic. Thanks for the report!

That's amazing! :-D

I just tested it and it's definitely a bug. I made this game long ago but I don't think many experimented with the wannabe class haha.

Glad you enjoyed the other bits of the game!

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, that's a design flaw. I remember thinking about it, I'm not sure if it's a bug or if in the end, I disabled that because I hated seeing a bunch of sad faces in line haha.

Thanks for reporting this! My guess is that it has to do with the browser the desktop app uses (html5 games can have some odd audio bugs on specific browsers).

Thanks for the comment! Yeah, the first level is confusing lots of people. I put that piece on the grid because I thought it'd help players understand the concept, but looks like I achieved the opposite haha.

Just uploaded a fix that puts that piece out of the grid and adds a quick text hint.