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Thanks for playing and leaving a comment :-)

So I took a look at the source and all the text seems to be integrated through code and not images. So I can send you a spreadsheet on Thursday with all the text, you can translate that to French and I'll implement it. Send me a message to and I'll get you the spreadsheet once it's ready :-)

I'll try to check this today later at home and see how hard it'd be to translate it :-)

Thank your for all your lovely comments! <3

Aaaaw, so glad you enjoyed it :-D

The thing about numbers and game mode selection wasn't a deliberate design choice, just a mistake.

I have a few projects releasing soon, so I'm quite busy, but I'm hoping I can find some time in the next months to make a new version with some small improvements (including fixing the thing with the mode selection).


There's only one ending.

thanks :-D

Thanks! Happy to hear you enjoyed it :-)


I had a couple of months filled with deadlines and things but I'm back to my usual game jam schedule. Already prototyping something new :-P

Really happy to hear you liked it! :-)

By the way, I learnt that german word long ago thanks to chess and I always thought its meaning was beautiful. I had to use it at some point hahaha.



Hi there,

I found this thread because I got some really angry PMs from you on twitter and I wanted to get in touch with you to hear more about this, but looks like you had blocked me.

I did a search on my posts to find out what was that I had written. Here's the thread I think you were refering to:

I meant I had moved your message to "Find Friends", which is a category on that forum meant to find others to work with.

I'm really sorry if it sounded like I was mocking you. I now see that having that name on a category can lead to some awkward messages.

Again, sorry about the misunderstanding, I wasn't trying to being toxic, just informing you that I moved your thread to another forum called "Find Friends".

Let me know if you were referring to some other message, I don't mean to pick on anybody.

Aaaw, thanks! :-)

This is lovely! Thank you :-)

Construct 2 :-)

Thank you, this is great! :-)

Will add it to the game page.

Use the right arrow key to advance. After reading an order you just type in any word you want and press again the right arrow key to send it (if the dictionary can't find it the game will tell you "We can't use that). Find real words that follow your client's needs. That's pretty much it.

I checked out yours, it's pretty cool! :-)

Thanks! :-)

It's just a txt file with 70.000 words. The engine has a function to figure out if a given string is part of another string. I just added a few tweaks to make sure it worked properly.

Thanks! :-)
I just googled something like "English word list txt" and found lots of different options. I downloaded a couple and tested them (trying different words that came to my head and seeing which ones included them).

The game was made during a jam, that's one of the reasons for the abrupt ending.

Thanks for the lovely comment! :-)

Definitely trying to do my best to keep it up ;-)

Thanks for your lovely comments!

Thanks! :-D

It was fun making it, I might try to do a few tests with this concept once I finish a few on-going sideprojects

Aww, it's great to hear that a game you worked on touched somebody :-)

Aawww, thanks a lot, that's exactly what I was going for :-)

I'll do my best to get this one in some showcase

My OCD won't let me not answer every comment hahaha.

Yeah, making it feel like actual work where you have to decide when it's good enough (or if you just want to skip a client) was the whole point. Also defining the formulas that decide whether a nose is pointy or piggy was quite tricky.

Thanks for the video and the article! :-)

Oh, thanks a lot for the article and the video!  :-)

This game was showcased at the last A MAZE Johannesburg. I couldn't be there it would have been amusing to watch people play and continue the city some other person started.

Ty! ;-)

Thanks for your lovely comment, I'm happy one of my games picked your attention :-)


If you finish your project on Monday email me the url to, I'll approve it and add it to the list

From the F.A.Q. on the jam page:


-> What is exactly a detective game? 

Something that tries to make you feel like a detective. How to interpret that is entirely up to you.


Moved this to "Find Friends"

That's a great idea! :-)
I'll set a new Discord and send an email tomorrow announcing it

Hi there!

This is a direct quote from the FAQ: "Board games, pen & paper, alternate reality (somebody make one of these please), VR, etc. Everything's allowed."

Go for mobile, web or whatever feels right :-)