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I'm sorry that happened. I haven't had the chance to test the game that thoroughly, though I've showcased it at a few events and it's the first time I hear about that happening.

Yes, I worked with the staff at CoolMathGames to upload it there.

Hi there! This was quite fun. I finished in under 100 turns, and developed every technology (but didn't use most of the advanced buildings). Btw, since the "buy" button is grey is kinda looks like something you wouldn't be able to click on.

Glad you liked it! I'm currently working on a bigger version of this.

Hi there! I don't have a copyright on dice games. Like I said, this is inspired by Dicey Dungeons and without it, this one wouldn't exist. Go ahead and make your game and, if you feel it's way too close to this one, try to add a new twist or fix what's not fully working.

Apologies for that! It was the first time I implemented one of these systems and looks like I chose a poor dictionary.

Yeah, that's totally a typo!

Right! As I said in other comments, I'll expand this concept at some point.

Happy to hear you enjoyed it that much!

yaaaay, congrats! :-D

Hi! Really happy to see you liked the concept.

The game is meant to be a bit challenging, but it's not random. Once you understand the systems, you should be able to win every run. People who are familiar with games like this tend to start winning in just 2-3 tries. And people who are super used to these mechanics might even win their first run.

I don't want to spoil anything, but the game is quite small and, once you start seeing the key synergies, you'll start winning. I hope you make it to the end! It's all about figuring out the right actions to use.

Hi there! I'm a bit busy with a bigger project now (plus other side-projects). But I'm really happy to see people enjoying this prototype more than I thought. I'll definitely expand this concept at some point. Thought right now I can't say when that will happen or the shape it'll have.

Hi there! I'm a bit busy with a bigger project now (plus other side-projects). But I'm really happy to see people enjoying this prototype more than I thought. I'll definitely expand this concept at some point. Thought right now I can't say when that will happen or the shape it'll have.

Thanks! Knowing people are curious about a longer version is very interesting. I have a bigger project I'm trying to finish this year but I'll definitely keep this in mind.

Hi there! This is a super cool pack.
I got it on bandcamp and used it on a tiny game.

Yes, you totally can.

(as long as you follow the jam theme)

Sure, just make sure it's easy to see the game was meant for the jam and it's not a spam submission.

Got it! My bad! Apologies! Please, feel free to re-submit it.


Apologies if your game was correctly submitted, we get a lot of spam on this jam.

I got the impression that your game wasn't meant as a gift for a specific person and therefore didn't fit the theme of the jam.

Oh, wow. WASD was a debug thing I forgot to remove hahaha. You're not supposed to use that at all. It's likely to be the cause of the bug.

I just uploaded a new version (both desktop and web). The level generator should (hopefully) skip faulty levels now.

I'm super sorry to hear that glitchy levels ended your runs several times. I'm chasing a few bugs (like that one), but it's a bit hard to verify when a solution actually worked. I'll keep working on this and upload a new version when ready!

I'll take a look into the other bug (when you got out of the map). If you can recall anything about that scenario, it'd help a lot.

Regarding potions, they all take effect after tapping on them. You get a hint about each potion when you pick them up and you can reset hints on the menu.

I also made an Android build, but it's a bit rougher than the PC one.

Hi there! Yes, I was super undecided regarding randomness implementation (and I'm still am a bit haha). For me, having some sort of random (and having players weight chances) was a core part of the concept. I really like pondering scenarios like "I could go here and play it safe, but I also could go there, but if I don't get X it's going to be tricky", but there are some game situations that can be frustrating (I'm not sure if randomness can be 100% blamed for this or if the issue is related to level/enemy design).

That aside, it's not that much luck-based, I get consistent scores. It's all about playing around walls and thinking a bit about chances.

Long story short, thanks for the comment, it's not purely based on luck but I agree there are some frustrating situations that are a pain in the ass.

That's an unintended feature (controlling both paddles), sorry!

Sorry about that! It's explained in the description:

"It's endless and there's no goal.

Once dialogues start repeating you've seen it all."

congrats! :-D

Hi there! I didn't change anything haha. Must have been something in your browser.

Thanks for coming back here and letting me know! :-D

Oh, thanks for spotting this! I think it shouldn't be too hard to fix (famous last words).

I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed the game!

Thanks for the kind words! :-D

Handle the source with care, I was working quite fast and it's super messy haha.

You can place blocks around to try to get the shape you need, but it's like a gamble since you might end up blocking cells you want to use for a path later on.

Yeah, they are like shields. The next update will correct that. I changed that mechanic right at the end but I didn't have time to update the sprite/text.

These are all very fair points. I actually wanted to replace the sword with a shield in an update, I changed the mechanic to a defense-like thing right at the end and I didn't have time to tweak the assets.

Regarding movement and interacting with items, I was very worried about players struggling to understand that concept, but I couldn't figure out a clean way to show it (without using an annoying pop-up window) in time for the jam.

Thanks for taking the time to write this and record the video!

Just added a quick option, though it's not hinted in-game. Just press the spacebar while on fullscreen mode or using a desktop build.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked the game. I was very worried about properly explaining the mechanics, I added a bunch of tips but I fear they're still not super clear haha.

Regarding the fast-forward mechanic, I'll probably upload a patch with it either today or tomorrow. The actual reason why I didn't include it is that my code was pretty crappy and I feared it could break lots of things without some proper testing (and I didn't want to rush it).

Hi there! I'm sorry to hear this. I'm not sure if I can do anything to fix it. I wasn't sure if you also needed WebGL to run the desktop version.

Thanks! This is lovely.