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Giving Feedback here because at the final screen for whatever reasons I had no mouse cursor:

That was a nice start of a game, I think you have a good tutorial +1st Dungeon here. Playing with keyboard was totally OK *AFTER* I got a look at the respective keys here. Those descriptions need to go into the game proper, preferrable reconfigurable (shouldn't be a problem with Unity).

Little problems:

- Blast training: That target orb never vanishes, so I blasted it 15 times I think the first time. Then I talked to the guy there who said it was OK now. There should be a clear visible reaction to each blast hit. If you want one hit to count as finishing that test (as it seems), make the orb explode or something similar.

- Enemies stuck at corners: In the dungeon, when the direct way from the enemies to me would lead through the walls, they were stuck at corners. Happend both to the "bats" as well as that humanoid boss monster of the dungeon.

- Insta-Block vs. bat: By accident I created an Insta-Block in the dungeon. Later, when I was trying to lure bats into shock traps, a bat got stuck on that Insta-Block (see above). After some time, the cubic shape of the Insta-Block was gone and only a small sphere remained on the ground.  I went to the ship to restock, then when I came back I could actually take the 'sphere' Insta-Block and had 6 in my inventory, which seems like a bug.

- Enemy damage status: It's probably not important for the bats, but for bigger enemies likes the humanoid boss monster it might be important to understand if lightning blasts or shock traps do any damage at all or if the monster is immune to it.

Thank you for the feedback!