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Thanks for the feedback:

- I experimented a lot with scroll speed; too snappy was disorientating. I'm okay with the current speed but I can see that other people might not be. I'll see about adding a configuration option - though I've got some bug-fixes to do first. (I don't mind there being a slight incentive to keep the party together, but I don't want it to be a pain.)

- Sorry, the can't skip a turn thing is a deliberate choice; I like the mini-puzzles that it generates, and the fun shambolic muddle when you're forced to get in your own way. (This is an adventuring team based out of a tavern, after all!). Sorry that this element isn't your cup of tea, though.

- You are right, money is fairly pointless - it's a consolation prize for not finding any proper loot. The treasures are meant to be the focus, but I have been thinking about a shop of some sort, just didn't get to it. So maybe down the line. (BTW: you do get more money if you send down a smaller party, or if you have a rogue in your party - but it's still fairly pointless)

- Ugh. I thought I squashed this one. But I'll put it back on the list.

Thanks again for the detailed feedback.