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Glad that you like it. If you click on the character itself you should see the stats - including hit-points. 

Very moving for another negative self talker.

I enjoyed this - really nice art, and nice hinting about the world outside of the garden.

Wow - great art and a moving narrative. Brilliant.

Adorable graphics - particularly the alien lemons. Unfortunately I lost most of my flock to the predators; although I'm like 90% sure that the portal leads straight to a lemonade factory anyway!

Eye see what you did there!

Thanks for the feedback:

- I experimented a lot with scroll speed; too snappy was disorientating. I'm okay with the current speed but I can see that other people might not be. I'll see about adding a configuration option - though I've got some bug-fixes to do first. (I don't mind there being a slight incentive to keep the party together, but I don't want it to be a pain.)

- Sorry, the can't skip a turn thing is a deliberate choice; I like the mini-puzzles that it generates, and the fun shambolic muddle when you're forced to get in your own way. (This is an adventuring team based out of a tavern, after all!). Sorry that this element isn't your cup of tea, though.

- You are right, money is fairly pointless - it's a consolation prize for not finding any proper loot. The treasures are meant to be the focus, but I have been thinking about a shop of some sort, just didn't get to it. So maybe down the line. (BTW: you do get more money if you send down a smaller party, or if you have a rogue in your party - but it's still fairly pointless)

- Ugh. I thought I squashed this one. But I'll put it back on the list.

Thanks again for the detailed feedback.

Mostly tested on Firefox and Chrome - I doubt the stall was browser based, probably a bug in my code instead. Where did it hang?

I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I admire the sort of roguelikes where you can discover that your dwarf is lactose-intolerant, and where the broken spoon you find on the dungeon floor has its own legendary backstory, but I tend to bounce off them. So this is a game I made for myself, with just the bits that I like.

I'm working on a standalone windows version - but the code is fighting me, so no promises. At the moment it crashes if you hit an enemy, which is not ideal.

Oh, sorry, forgot it wasn't obvious! It should autoplay (if the ship lights are blinking, it's playing) - press right-arrow to begin, and at any point that you don't know what to do.

This is lovely. The autumn colours and design are particularly great.

Nice - I like the unrolling!

Great tutorial - I thought I knew Bitsy variables reasonably well, but I still learned a lot.

Excellent - I like to see randomized text in Bitsy games, and it worked well here. The lovely descriptions combined nicely with the knowledge that this was a transient and unique experience to give a dreamlike effect.

Thank you!

Hey, glad that you liked it.

Thanks for doing such a sizeable play-though. Unfortunately, I've found that I can't watch LPs of my stuff - for some reason it causes my social anxiety to spike big-time. Obviously, that's not a great quirk to have as a hobby gamedev - but it's entirely a problem with my brain, not the play-through!

Thanks - glad you liked it.

The broken sphere is another one where there isn't much signposting - it's easier to find by accident than design. If you look at the map, on the western side, there's literally a single pixel anomaly to indicate the presence of something.

Thanks for pointing out the typo as well; I blame the cat saying it - cats are notoriously bad spellers. Anyway, I uploaded a fixed version.

Ok, well it's only of use to new players, but I added a clue to a dialog - basically the same hints that I gave above, hopefully enough to put people on the right track.
(And no, it won't save progress - I don't think Bitsy can do that (yet!))

(1 edit)

Yeah, the chalice is the hardest object to find, because it was thrown in as an optional extra and isn't really signposted. I should probably update with a clue or two.

But as a hint, the chalice is in the possession of Lord Pixby-Bitsington, an egotistical renegade cat lord, and founder of Meowich. He's currently hiding from the Dread Sorceress, but where would he hide?

(1 edit)

Thanks for the lovely comments folks.

I've updated the game to Bitsy 4.3, which means it's now mobile friendly - but please note that it takes forever to load on mobile!

I've also reworded a couple of dialogs that were unintentionally confusing.

Loved it. Really nice art, and I'm a big fan of the avatar/timeline approach. (Trying not to be jealous that the ship-in-a-bottle is prettier than the one in my game!!)

The great hall is just the big viking ship in boat-town - that's not supposed to be a puzzle so I should reword it so it's clear; thanks for pointing that out.

The 3rd beacon was destroyed, but a record of it remains somewhere and the orb is magic. (Also the ruins of the Western Beacon are in the west!, if you're looking for that - there's a clue there.)

Hope that helps.

No toes stepped on! Thanks for pointing this out - I've updated the text accordingly. Cheers.

Thank you!

Sorry - managed to miss this question! As you've probably found out by now, the answer is no, no unicode. But since the Bitsy font is defined in the Bitsy javascript as a simple array, it's easy enough to change what characters look like - the music notes are really just two bits of punctuation that I knew I wasn't going to use with the arrangement of pixels altered to look like notes.

In case it's of any use to anyone, I did a devlog/tutorial on putting Bitsy and Tracery together: bitsy-and-tracery-sitting-in-a-tree