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Nice - I like the unrolling!

Great tutorial - I thought I knew Bitsy variables reasonably well, but I still learned a lot.

Excellent - I like to see randomized text in Bitsy games, and it worked well here. The lovely descriptions combined nicely with the knowledge that this was a transient and unique experience to give a dreamlike effect.

Thank you!

Hey, glad that you liked it.

Thanks for doing such a sizeable play-though. Unfortunately, I've found that I can't watch LPs of my stuff - for some reason it causes my social anxiety to spike big-time. Obviously, that's not a great quirk to have as a hobby gamedev - but it's entirely a problem with my brain, not the play-through!

Thanks - glad you liked it.

The broken sphere is another one where there isn't much signposting - it's easier to find by accident than design. If you look at the map, on the western side, there's literally a single pixel anomaly to indicate the presence of something.

Thanks for pointing out the typo as well; I blame the cat saying it - cats are notoriously bad spellers. Anyway, I uploaded a fixed version.

Ok, well it's only of use to new players, but I added a clue to a dialog - basically the same hints that I gave above, hopefully enough to put people on the right track.
(And no, it won't save progress - I don't think Bitsy can do that (yet!))

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Yeah, the chalice is the hardest object to find, because it was thrown in as an optional extra and isn't really signposted. I should probably update with a clue or two.

But as a hint, the chalice is in the possession of Lord Pixby-Bitsington, an egotistical renegade cat lord, and founder of Meowich. He's currently hiding from the Dread Sorceress, but where would he hide?

(Edited 1 time)

Thanks for the lovely comments folks.

I've updated the game to Bitsy 4.3, which means it's now mobile friendly - but please note that it takes forever to load on mobile!

I've also reworded a couple of dialogs that were unintentionally confusing.

Loved it. Really nice art, and I'm a big fan of the avatar/timeline approach. (Trying not to be jealous that the ship-in-a-bottle is prettier than the one in my game!!)

The great hall is just the big viking ship in boat-town - that's not supposed to be a puzzle so I should reword it so it's clear; thanks for pointing that out.

The 3rd beacon was destroyed, but a record of it remains somewhere and the orb is magic. (Also the ruins of the Western Beacon are in the west!, if you're looking for that - there's a clue there.)

Hope that helps.

No toes stepped on! Thanks for pointing this out - I've updated the text accordingly. Cheers.

Thank you!

Sorry - managed to miss this question! As you've probably found out by now, the answer is no, no unicode. But since the Bitsy font is defined in the Bitsy javascript as a simple array, it's easy enough to change what characters look like - the music notes are really just two bits of punctuation that I knew I wasn't going to use with the arrangement of pixels altered to look like notes.

In case it's of any use to anyone, I did a devlog/tutorial on putting Bitsy and Tracery together: bitsy-and-tracery-sitting-in-a-tree