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Fun, educational, and the sound effect made my dog come over to see what was going on. Great work!

<3 Affrogmations

Wow, really good. Great art, funny writing (and premise). I loved it.

Really nicely done, and very ominous.

Very nice, like a sort of goth zelda.

No idea why it broke that line in such an odd way

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Oh yeah, I did sort of know that, but I assumed there were a few more steps. Thanks.

Please ignore my terrible code, and the fact that I do the same thing in like 3 totally different ways!

It's made in Twine ( specifically Twine 2 with the Chapbook story format.

Really good game; I loved the combination of the large, strange character/creatures with the minimal rooms. Kind of had a surreal and slightly unnerving feel to it (in a good way!)

Hey, this is brilliant; very funny, and I don't want to even imagine how much work it must have been to implement the book swapping in bitsy logic.

This is really great; poetic and heartfelt. The art is wonderful too - probably the best bitsy clouds ever.

Thank so much! It's not a bitsy unless it contains an onion - that's just the rules!

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Thanks. If you're asking about the "Run Cursed Bookshop" start message, you just set the 'custom noun' on your game page. Or did you mean something else?

This is great. I always love the device of having something purport to be a snippet of a larger (non-existant) thing. The art is lovely, and the text is amusing. Loved it.

Nice! Some LOL moments there.

Really nice, and a reminder of a strange and distant time when we could 'visit' 'places'.

Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it. I have got some plans for new items, and scoring possibilities.

I'm afraid that hand built levels are not very likely at the moment, though I do want to try and tweak the randomness to hit the sweet spot more often (it's not easy though). I suppose I could curate seeds that are particularly nicely balanced, though to be honest, I quite like the fact that one day it might be quite easy, the next you've got to make the best of a bad job. We'll see!

Hey, at some point last night I broke the location/placement code. It's fixed now.

Thank you so much -- I loved Continental Drift, so that means a lot. (I saw you at the LIKELIKE thing, and wanted to say hi, but I didn't want to fan-gush!)

Hey, thanks for the kind words -- I'm glad that you're enjoying it. 

(I guess there's no videos of it because it's just a little hobby game with zero marketing behind it, and a dev who's not very good at self-promotion!)

Incidentally, the sprites in Bedtime Kitties don't really change state - they are actually items (with the dialog attached) which when 'picked up' show the underlying cat tile. (If you could see you inventory it would be full of cats by the end!)

I'm sure there's a hack way to do real state changes - check out Borksy ( for lots of Bitsy hacks in the same place.

I tend to just use a sprite when I want an un-pick-up-able item but I'm not sure that works for your exact use case. If you're new to Bitsy dialogs, you might find something useful in my mini-tutorial here: time-for-some-rambling

Argh - sorry, I just cannot reproduce this error at all. Does it behave the same way in other browsers?
Here's what my local storage looks like for reference:

(Not a fix, but if you're on Windows, the downloadable version would probably work for you).

Thank you so much for the kind comment - I'm really glad that the story spoke to you.

Yes! The in game reason is flimsy; she's a goddess of Dwarves, Digging and Drinking - so can turn her enemies in barrels of aged and volatile whiskey. The real reason is that it offers another risk/reward scenario - it can be used to clear a room full of enemies, but it leaves you trapped in a room with an angry goddess and lots of exploding barrels!

Yeah, even when I was testing it, I was surprised how tempting the cursed items were!

You are correct; the assassin's regeneration is exactly like the clerics - eating up that valuable XP.

Thank you - coming from an expert bitsy-ist like you, that means a lot.

(By the way, if you want to read way too much backstory for the framing device; check out the devlog!)

Glad you're enjoying it!

To answer your questions:

  • the variant types only differ very slightly from the main class; they have fractionally higher stats. Each class has two variants; rare and very rare - the rare gets 1-2 extra stat points, the very rare 2-3 extra points. The difference is generally not noticeable other than at very low levels.
  • how do clerics/bards recharge mana? With difficulty. Basically, there are 2 ways:
    • some loot/treasure gives mana points
    • at the start of their turn, if they need mana, and they have some xp 'spare' some of the xp gets turned into a mana point. (This makes them slower to level). The best way to earn xp is to fight monsters - but that's not easy for a cleric/bard.
    • (coming soon, there will be a third way - stores that stock mana potions)

(Best strategy for Cleric/Bard; hang back, use mana sparingly, hoover up loot. They're the hardest class to do a solo run with. I have completed a couple, but it's tough)

Glad that you like it. If you click on the character itself you should see the stats - including hit-points. 

Very moving for another negative self talker.

I enjoyed this - really nice art, and nice hinting about the world outside of the garden.

Wow - great art and a moving narrative. Brilliant.

Adorable graphics - particularly the alien lemons. Unfortunately I lost most of my flock to the predators; although I'm like 90% sure that the portal leads straight to a lemonade factory anyway!

Eye see what you did there!

Thanks for the feedback:

- I experimented a lot with scroll speed; too snappy was disorientating. I'm okay with the current speed but I can see that other people might not be. I'll see about adding a configuration option - though I've got some bug-fixes to do first. (I don't mind there being a slight incentive to keep the party together, but I don't want it to be a pain.)

- Sorry, the can't skip a turn thing is a deliberate choice; I like the mini-puzzles that it generates, and the fun shambolic muddle when you're forced to get in your own way. (This is an adventuring team based out of a tavern, after all!). Sorry that this element isn't your cup of tea, though.

- You are right, money is fairly pointless - it's a consolation prize for not finding any proper loot. The treasures are meant to be the focus, but I have been thinking about a shop of some sort, just didn't get to it. So maybe down the line. (BTW: you do get more money if you send down a smaller party, or if you have a rogue in your party - but it's still fairly pointless)

- Ugh. I thought I squashed this one. But I'll put it back on the list.

Thanks again for the detailed feedback.

Mostly tested on Firefox and Chrome - I doubt the stall was browser based, probably a bug in my code instead. Where did it hang?

I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I admire the sort of roguelikes where you can discover that your dwarf is lactose-intolerant, and where the broken spoon you find on the dungeon floor has its own legendary backstory, but I tend to bounce off them. So this is a game I made for myself, with just the bits that I like.

I'm working on a standalone windows version - but the code is fighting me, so no promises. At the moment it crashes if you hit an enemy, which is not ideal.

Oh, sorry, forgot it wasn't obvious! It should autoplay (if the ship lights are blinking, it's playing) - press right-arrow to begin, and at any point that you don't know what to do.

This is lovely. The autumn colours and design are particularly great.

Nice - I like the unrolling!