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Hey man! Thanks so much for playing Rot on your YouTube channel, I really appreciate it :) There were a few cringes for me haha, that door glitch is very hard to look at! Basically, the interaction icon works independently from the mechanism that transports the player through doors so they often don't match up :( this is definitely a bug and in the future I'll be sure to use a different method! For most other let's plays though it wasn't a problem so I think you were especially unlucky with it :(

I'm thankful that you were honest about the frustration and I totally take your tips on board! I made this game last year for a university assignment and the time-pressured nature of things meant that a lot of ideas weren't fully realised and that many concepts were limited by the quality of teaching for the course (which was TERRIBLE, everything I have learned I learned from the internet) so next time I make a project it should be more fully fleshed out. This includes things like ambience and general embellishments. 

On interpretation: I understand your confusion about the story! The game is entirely metaphorical and the apartment stands for the relationship between the two characters.

Thanks so much again for playing, I really appreciate it :)


Not a prob, good you can take criticism like a champ, though I always say any form of criticism with absolute and genuine desire that who its directed to, improves, with no malice or anger towards you/them at the time. xD