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This is a very charming bestiary! The monster designs are varied and interesting, and the different descriptions of each creature are equally informative and cute. Every aspect of this has Bynine written all over it; even if the name and more recognizable characters were removed, I would immediately be able to identify this as his unique style.

I understand that this text is meant to emulate a video game bestiary, but I wasn't completely satisfied with its format. The statistics and abilities, in particular, are rather dull; I feel like they do the creative monster designs and descriptions an injustice and lead me to perceive them as generic, interchangeable RPG foes of varying strengths. Personally, I would have preferred to see a more natural and linguistic explanation of each monster's features. Some descriptions are also on the short side and left me wanting to know more about the monsters' lifestyles and presence in their world, but it does work in favor of this bestiary as it is written from the viewpoint of a pioneer in a world where not all information is readily at hand.

Overall, this is a very pleasing product, and I would like to see more done with the world established in this bestiary. Do you have any plans to revisit or further develop Aphemora in future projects?

oh hey! thanks for the feedback. i'm glad you enjoyed it. i do think the stats are maybe a bit half-hearted - this was somewhere between a bestiary, a TTRPG monster manual, and a game guide, so maybe i should've chosen a better focus. as for revisiting aphemora, maybe... it could be very fun to flesh out a world through a game...