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this game has a very pretty color palette! but i couldn't figure out how to get the worm to appear : (


hmm, i haven't heard of that error! i tested the game with JDK 8, so that may be preferable. please let me know if that works!

i'm very sorry to hear that! can i ask what the error message is?

i'm sorry to hear that! you can let me know where you're stuck either here or by email at byninegiga AT gmail DOT com

hello! i had fun with this demo! i think the core idea - the bubbles and what you can accomplish with them - has a lot of potential. here are some things that held it back for me:

  • i couldn't tell when i could fire the bubble. a little sound cue or visual effect when it's ready would be great.
  • actually landing on bubbles was frustrating because of how slippery and floaty the protagonist is. an option that might be nice would be a fast fall/ground pound accomplished by holding down that just plummets you down in a straight line.
  • i didn't realize the flower was a warp and wandered around for a while : ( i imagine it's just a placeholder though?
  • considering how fast you move, it would be nice if the camera moved more to show where you're facing.

oh, and the graphics are super charming! but you already knew that. best of luck with development!

yeah!! i loved being in it

hello! glad you enjoyed the game. i suppose either the credits sequence or the party for you could be viewed as the game's ending, but it doesn't really have an ending per say - it only ends when you're done with it. i didn't want this game to feel like a series of objectives to be completed, more like a world that you can visit as you please. i apologize for your wasted time!

hey, thanks so much! i'm glad you enjoyed it. if you'd left on the bike before "100%ing" the game, the ending would feature a shadowy specter...

and i wish you best of luck in the future, with your creative endeavors as well!

this is fun! controls well, looks appealing, solid gameplay loop. i like how the arena changes after each wave and is given context through the player's moving between each area, and i like the constant introduction of more enemies. good work!

very nice stuff, i had fun! will post some criticism in my rating of the game to try and help the final product. i will ask, will the levels in the final game be less linear and more exploratory? just curious!

thanks very much!!


aw, thanks for the lovely art!

thank you!!

thanks for letting me know & for enjoying - have a wonderful day

thanks for the heads up, i'll look into that!

thanks so much! would you mind clarifying about the golden shell? do you mean the shell phone? because the golden shell shouldn't be able to do anything 

thanks so much! if i may, what did you find frustrating about mystery of the frost? i was trying out a bunch of new things with it, so i'm not surprised that some of it didn't work perfectly, but i'd like to hear your feedback to help with my future games.

okay. is there any chance you could email me at byninegiga AT gmail DOT com so i can help you resolve your issue? if not that's fine

thanks! this is mostly a solo project but others provided some voice acting and design advice

oh no!! what's your operating system?

right, that's all!

thank you!!

thanks so much! i'm a big fan of how your game is coming out so far. can't wait to see the release!

does this help: ?

that's very strange. does this help: ?

what operating system are you using?

hello! i appreciate the heads up but this game does not use adobe flash player - it runs in java.

juan, i apologize for getting back to you so late. i don't think i can currently get the game to be able to support multiple languages without doing a lot of work on it first, and i just don't have that time now. again, very sorry for wasting your time here.

hello! send me an email at byninegiga AT gmail DOT com and i can help you out further if you specify what your problem is

have you been to the shop yet?

anywhere will do!!

so as many people can play it as possible

hello! the seed of hope should not be planted in wabika - it's for "taking home"! (in game terms, it means it has no actual use except for the end credits haha)

ha, that's good! to be fair, what i'm referring to isn't a sequel to this game, just a future project. i did enjoy making this but i also want to try different gameplay styles too.

hello! i appreciate your suggestions - it's rather funny, those are both things i'm addressing with my next project, with the use of the Unity engine and the introduction of a combat system (which can be disabled for those who don't wish to engage in it.)

that's kind of you to offer! are you certain? it would take a lot of work, as the game has a significant amount of dialog.

thank you! every room in the training grounds has a southern exit that leads back out to the mountain.

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hello! i'm really sorry, but i don't know how to speak Spanish, so that would be very difficult. still, one day when i have the time to configure the game and make it work in multiple languages, i'll go find a translator!

edit: please note that i am not currently looking for a translator - my apologies for the confusion