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this is an interesting parody of the "ending vs true ending" paradigm a lot of games have. is there any satisfaction in getting an ending that isn't the correct one?

thank you for the thorough response and i'm glad you enjoyed! the tutorial was supposed to be where you learned the controls, but admittedly a simple list would probably compliment it well. i was unsure of how to handle walking with the keyboard to be honest. and as for the bugs, i've noticed the problems with the purple guy but haven't figured out how to rectify them. the crashes are strange though! i'll look into that. thanks again!

damn, that's a good score! nice!

finally got around to this! 


keeping track of what powerups you have and especially what combinations of powerups do what is totally obtuse. maybe a descriptive name for each combination would be better instead of the names of the critters that're following you. each of the powerup creatures is also not so different in design to be immediately recognizable, which is a problem.

the powerup system in general is a bit difficult to grasp. if i get it correctly, by picking up enough dropped energy from defeated enemies, you receive a different kind of follower/critter/powerup that can be then combined with another one? and you lose them on taking damage? the rules here weren't evident and that left me confused.


the controls are smooth and responsive, and i never felt like i got hit when i shouldn't have. you can easily tell when you've hit enemies.

there's a distinct and bizarre atmosphere here, contributed to by the graphics, unique character designs, and nomenclature. comparing it to anything is a disservice but frankly i was reminded of the darker bits of the earlier kirby games, especially the smooth, bubbly backgrounds.

the levels are quite distinct from one another, which helps it from becoming samey, and are really interesting to boot. combine with the limited palette, fluid animations, and focused art style and the game is easy on the eyes and distinct.

overall, you've got a great and polished experience here. keep up the good work!

simple, but cute!

thank you!

that was a hell of an experience. absolutely lovely graphical style

there's something hypnotic about playing this. also, the grub is very cute!

hey there! this is a solid attempt. from a gameplay perspective there's a few things i would call your attention to. for one, the shark you control has very loose controls, which doesn't feel good in a game where you need to be accurate. the projectiles you shoot are also very small, and combined with the previous it feels very difficult to aim. finally, when enemies get shot there's no impact, they just disappear without a trace, which makes it feel dissatisfying or even confusing to take them down.

good luck in the future! i hope you keep it up

hi, thanks for the feedback! the inability to cancel the hack menu was a deliberate decision - i wanted to force players to choose whatever hack wouldn't compromise them if they hit it without thinking. (apologies that it happened to you for missing the button haha)  i'm glad you enjoyed, have a good day

hey, thanks for the feedback! i'm really glad you liked it. i've heard similar things about the difficulty from other sources - i'll see if i can't try and tweak it before the end of the jam.

i highly recommend having an entity briefly flash when it's shot - that's the easiest way i've found to ensure the player understands if what they're doing is working.

this idea is so freaking cool!!! love the 3 different graphical styles too, they're very distinct. huge props for having such a creative concept

the graphical quality is very impressive, i like how much detail there is. gameplay felt somewhat unresponsive however, and there were some conveyance issues (are bullets used for shooting or just upgrades? am i actually hitting the helicopter? etc)

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haha, well, i hope you enjoyed all the same!

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further update: i found out why this problem was happening. turns out libgdx doesn't like it when there are exclamation points in the title of the game. should work now!

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just released a new version that i hope will fix your problem. if it doesn't, if you wouldn't mind, try running the file from command line and telling me the full error. thanks so much for your interest!

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that's very strange, i'll be looking into that. thanks for letting me know!

good stuff here! graphics are effective and i like how bouncy and responsive to the environment the main character is. comboing is fun and the gameplay gimmick is intuitive. the screen spins WAY too fast though, i felt like i could hardly control it.

this is cute! and the gameplay is perfectly solid too, captures the spirit of the theme well. it's weird that you have to restart manually after death but i guess that was just due to time contraints. still good job!

how do you start it? sorry if i'm being thick but i can't get anything past the "Left and Right arrows or Pressed Mouse to MOVE, P to PAUSE..."

cute music and graphics! but the gameplay is majorly frustrating. the character seems to randomly stop shooting, get stuck in walls, and even die.

thank you very much! i'm glad you enjoyed 

wow! you have more patience than even i do

this drawing program heated me up

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being penalized by getting a debuff is absolutely fascinating! i think a lot could be done with that concept alone

sorry my reply is late, but thank you very much for doing these videos! i appreciate it.

i recommend this! it was a great, fun read, and the designs are wonderful

very clever writing, although i can't seem to prevent myself from getting fired. i guess writing movie reviews is harder than i thought!

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hey bud! finally got around to playing this. here's what i picked up on after playing (i won't comment on combat since it's obviously not done yet from an animation perspective):

i love the painterly style! the enemy names/concepts are really cute too.

full-range controls might be better than tank controls. i don't know if that's difficult to implement but it's a lot freer feeling. also, the tank controls combined with the swingy camera made me super nauseous lol

enemies can not only follow you from anywhere on the map, they can attack you one after the other. you should give the player a little invincibility time after a fight.

that's about all i have to say. good luck on this!

glad you enjoyed it! thanks for playing! looks like your frame rate was pretty bad though, the game isn't nearly that slow lol

this is ludicrously cute! i love the moth girl