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hello! in order to run this game, you'll need to install java. here are the full instructions:

This game is an executable .JAR file. In order to run it, you must have Java installed on your computer - be sure it's the latest version! (You can get it here: From there, it should be as simple as double clicking on the program; if that doesn't work, please look up how to run a .JAR executable on your operating system. Check the README for controls and credits!

thanks so much!

also, can i ask - where did you find this from? it's suddenly getting downloaded a ton and i have no idea why!

why thank you!

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hehehe... sorry, you caught me mid-update! the good news is, if you play the new update you'll be able to see those for yourself!

thank you!!

that's very high praise, thank you so much!

okey doke! you have a nice day too!

hello again! sorry for the delay. i think this will fix your problem: you'd want to follow steps 1-4, and then 8-9. then, launch "A Night Alone". at the start screen you can move the joystick left and right/press A and D on the keyboard. if you do and you can still see the graphics, just in a different color, then it was successful. if it still doesn't work, then i'll make a special version of the game that should work for you and send that over.

it seemed to happen whenever the orb got too close to a wall - it may be a failsafe rather than a bug, it was hard to tell

hi corvine! i'm sorry to hear that. if you're only seeing black in that area, it's probably an issue with your graphics card. if you can let me know what graphics card you're using i'll be able to help you further!

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hello! i've just played this game and had lots of fun. here's what i wrote down:

  • Character control is great - squash and stretch and sounds help
  • Graphics are pleasant
  • Using slingshot is inherently fun and I like how it physically interacts with terrain. Puzzles where you have to think about where the orb is were my favorite.
  • If player isn't inputting anything in air, character should slow down. Right now they keep going, which feels unnatural.
  • Footstep noises don't match cute character or soft looking ground
  • Strong Celeste vibes 
  • Puzzle where you have to leave orb behind and complete platforming challenge yourself before using it to cross spike gap is super clever 
  • Final challenge of first level is really hard haha, harder than anything in the second level since it requires such precise timing and positioning
  • The green blocks that care about the position of your orb are a great idea. This made the 2nd level stand out to me much more than the first
  • There's a bug where your orb will sometimes return to you before you want it to, without you touching it. That makes the "puzzle" room in the second stage frustrating
  • There's what looks like an exit in one of the later second stage rooms, on the ceiling, but it kills you if you try to go up it! I was later again killed by the top of the screen near the end of the second level, despite nothing being there. I get that it's a kill field but it's unintuitive.

Can't wait to see this developed further, it's got lots of potential!

i'm really happy to hear that it accomplished that. there is a gentle sweetness to this world, but it can only feel real when it's accompanied by some sadness.

hey, thanks for checking it out! your feedback gives me an idea - maybe i should have a small black margin all around the screen so there's always a place to click? food for thought...

this is a really novel idea for a puzzle game! i'm seeing loads of potential applications already with the systems you have here. off the bat, i'd say a reset button would be nice, since you can pretty easily screw yourself over. also, is there a way to turn without moving?

hi supervillain! what are you trying to run the game on? if it's just on your PC then all you'll need to do is install java and run it

sounds like you've figured yourself out! ; )

wow, this was wonderful. amazing idea and superbly executed! i definitely want to see this expanded on.

i agree - i think completing a game is infinitely more important than trying to continually start new ones with "the right idea". at some point you realize that no game idea is born good - they're made good through lots of hard work and iteration.

hey, that's a cool idea! i like how this recontextualizes your approach to what would be a very simple course. i could see a more sophisticated version of this where your car variously can't turn left, can't turn right, or can't brake, and you have to deal with that while racing...

hi friend! not a bad idea, the twin stick-only stuff is interesting although as other people have mentioned the controls seem wonky. still, i wouldn't recommend making your jam game not only java-only, but require a specific controller. that makes it so a lot of people just can't play it.

simple, but cute! the introduction of obstructions to the rhythm counter is a clever idea that i don't think i've seen before.

hi guys! neat concept here. couple of suggestions;

  • the knife doesn't seem to aim properly and the hitbox is very small.
  • the enemies should have vision cones. it's really hard to know where to stand otherwise.
  • the controls should probably be listed in the in-game instructions.

oh hi! yes, your idea really helped i think - it adds another dimension to the shooting since you can shoot as protection, and it means spamming shots is even more discouraged than before, so you have to think about how your actions will influence your future. and likewise! i really recommend this one - a little topdown arena shooter where each weapon has only one use before disappearing. it's very fun!


aww thanks! i'm glad both you and your dad enjoyed 

this is fantastic! even ignoring the great presentation, the game is rock solid and surprisingly deep given you only had the 2 days for it. i love how the items feel and how they work together in interesting ways, and the whole thing just has a good flow to it. my only complaint is that i'd like to see the difficulty increase more quickly - i didn't realize it was changing at all until i had been playing for about five minutes. wonderful job, this deserves to be at the top!!

my high score is 1160! i'll comment on the game relative to the jam in the jam section, but here in the comments i have to say, this is a great basis for a game, both in gameplay and style! i'm super fond of how it sounds like you made all the sound effects with your mouth lol, it's charming

this is cool! very pleasant and slick presentation and a novel concept. i do have to say, though, the controls made it much more difficult than it had to be. the first level with the spiky vines needs you to make very precise jumps, but the way the jump works feels all wrong - you have very little control during it. this made it more frustrating than it had to be. still, concept is more important than finer details for a game jam, so overall this is very impressive!

hello! you should probably include the controls somewhere on this page, as i wasn't able to find them. if there is a restart button, especially mention that, because you can get trapped in the ending hole if you didn't kill all the baddies. cool concept either way!

hey, friend, no need to put the game down in its description! be proud that you made something at all. i enjoyed playing it - i'd like to see more levels!

ha! i think if i had presented the game differently and never mentioned the central mechanic in the description, most people wouldn't realize that it was their own inputs, so don't feel badly. thanks for playing!

aww, thanks so much bud! i wish you the best of luck with what you're going through - you're absolutely right, we can often be too critical of ourselves and i know you can be susceptible to that, so i'm glad you're improving. i know i've still got some improving to do, haha. cheers!

this is a novel and elegantly simple concept! it could use some tweaking and stuff but that's the usual for game jam games.

great idea! a mini-wario-ware isn't something i'd have thought of for this but in retrospect it makes a lot of sense. some of the minigames are poorly conveyed though, especially the racecar one, but overall nice job!

hello! you should probably mention in the instructions that you have to carry the crate through the door with you.

wow... i didn't expect to feel that way after playing a game jam game. you may want to remove that last screenshot as it dulls the impact a bit. wonderful job!

woo, i beat it!!

cute! i love the art style. the adherence to the jam's theme isn't super strong but i can still see it