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this is wonderful! the dithering and the heavy use of black give everything a very eerie quality, but the descriptions give it enough humor to not just be needlessly dramatic. i read them all at night, with no lights on, and the earthbound zero soundtrack playing, and it really enhanced the experience.

yup! the instructions are listed when you download the game, but here they are for convenience:

"This game is an executable .JAR file. In order to run it, you must have Java installed on your computer - be sure it's the latest version! (You can get it here: From there, it should be as simple as double clicking on the program; if that doesn't work, please look up how to run a .JAR executable on your operating system. Check the README for controls and credits!"

thank you for this lovely sentiment; i'm really glad you enjoyed the game and that it meant something to you. ill see if i can get a video of the frebs.

i'm sorry to hear that. but at the same time, i'm glad i could help, even just a bit!

consider me excited - looks lovely!

sorry for being late, here it is! : 

thank you for such a nice poem and i'm glad you enjoyed!

that's wonderful to hear! i don't have a drawing of her but i did imagine her to be the same species as the heart knight. maybe they're relatives! and ill be sure to upload the entire guitar track when i get home (i assume that's what you mean by the game's music haha)

thank you for playing and enjoying!!

thank you thank you! i hope my future projects will prove even better.


no problem! thank you for playing and for your high recommendations!!

thank you so much!! tranquil is a nice word for this.

oh, wonderful! please enjoy!

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Hello Blightbug! I'm very sorry to hear that's happened! When was the last time you updated Java? You may be running an old version, which would certainly cause this problem. If your version is up to date let me know and we can try and resolve this further.

Edit: Also, you'll want to restart your computer after updating your Java, just to be sure.

i'm sorry, i don't understand what you mean

yes, the game's release date is december 30th of this year!

i'm glad you like how it looks! i hope the result will impress

cheers, i'm glad you enjoyed!

this is cute! i think it needs something to replace the removed shooting mechanic, as it's pretty flat mechanically when all you can do is move without friction/acceleration. however, i love the personality in the assets, and it controls well!

thank you very much!

thank you! yes, your criticism is entirely fair... i somewhat misunderstood the "mechanic" meaning behind the jam's theme. either way i'm glad you liked it

hello - i actually saw your stream just a few days ago! it was very humbling to see my game being analyzed with such precision. you guys knew some things even i didn't know (like how broken the transform ability is - i added that at the end of the week of development so i barely tested it!) and it's amazing how fast you beat it, faster than i ever thought possible. so thank you very much for playing and enjoying. please look forward to a sequel someday!

this is a FUN and ORIGINAL game. i'm not crying, you're crying!

i am now one with the earth...

nice stuff! i like the relaxing ambiance and the puzzles are well designed.

just put zeke to sleep. permanently. get bodied, zeke

for some reason, i can't seem to download either of the windows versions.

this is an interesting parody of the "ending vs true ending" paradigm a lot of games have. is there any satisfaction in getting an ending that isn't the correct one?

thank you for the thorough response and i'm glad you enjoyed! the tutorial was supposed to be where you learned the controls, but admittedly a simple list would probably compliment it well. i was unsure of how to handle walking with the keyboard to be honest. and as for the bugs, i've noticed the problems with the purple guy but haven't figured out how to rectify them. the crashes are strange though! i'll look into that. thanks again!

damn, that's a good score! nice!

finally got around to this! 


keeping track of what powerups you have and especially what combinations of powerups do what is totally obtuse. maybe a descriptive name for each combination would be better instead of the names of the critters that're following you. each of the powerup creatures is also not so different in design to be immediately recognizable, which is a problem.

the powerup system in general is a bit difficult to grasp. if i get it correctly, by picking up enough dropped energy from defeated enemies, you receive a different kind of follower/critter/powerup that can be then combined with another one? and you lose them on taking damage? the rules here weren't evident and that left me confused.


the controls are smooth and responsive, and i never felt like i got hit when i shouldn't have. you can easily tell when you've hit enemies.

there's a distinct and bizarre atmosphere here, contributed to by the graphics, unique character designs, and nomenclature. comparing it to anything is a disservice but frankly i was reminded of the darker bits of the earlier kirby games, especially the smooth, bubbly backgrounds.

the levels are quite distinct from one another, which helps it from becoming samey, and are really interesting to boot. combine with the limited palette, fluid animations, and focused art style and the game is easy on the eyes and distinct.

overall, you've got a great and polished experience here. keep up the good work!

simple, but cute!

thank you!

that was a hell of an experience. absolutely lovely graphical style

there's something hypnotic about playing this. also, the grub is very cute!

hey there! this is a solid attempt. from a gameplay perspective there's a few things i would call your attention to. for one, the shark you control has very loose controls, which doesn't feel good in a game where you need to be accurate. the projectiles you shoot are also very small, and combined with the previous it feels very difficult to aim. finally, when enemies get shot there's no impact, they just disappear without a trace, which makes it feel dissatisfying or even confusing to take them down.

good luck in the future! i hope you keep it up

hi, thanks for the feedback! the inability to cancel the hack menu was a deliberate decision - i wanted to force players to choose whatever hack wouldn't compromise them if they hit it without thinking. (apologies that it happened to you for missing the button haha)  i'm glad you enjoyed, have a good day

hey, thanks for the feedback! i'm really glad you liked it. i've heard similar things about the difficulty from other sources - i'll see if i can't try and tweak it before the end of the jam.