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How do you get endings 3 and 4? I have toured the whole map and couldn't seem to find anymore interactables?

Hey, thanks for playing! Endings 3 and 4 are related to ending 2, which is achieved at the large window near the top of the map. That window gives 3 possible endings depending on your current Mana level. You need at least 30% to escape ending 2.

Curious, did you find ending 8? That's the only ending that doesn't involve an interactable object.

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I actually have found ending 8. Don't want to spoil it for everyone though.

Also I think there can be a really creative ending crafted from the "Summoning a Greater Demon is not funny" blackboard - I was kind of expecting one of the endings involved that.

Ohhhh... you are so right! That's a great idea!