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Thank you very much for your work!

My English is not very good, so I borrowed translation software for this evaluation.

May I ask if you are considering adding support for other languages? I can help you complete the Chinese section (in fact, I have made some modifications, but I don't know how to preserve both languages at the same time).

In addition, I hope to add API functionality to directly generate image versions of maps based on website addresses, so that robots can directly obtain maps and send them to the chat software we use.






Hi! Thanks for your message and offer of help, but I'm not planning to add other languages at the moment. I mean, yeah, it would be nice to have support for translations, that would make the generator more accessible I guess. But to do it right, it would require a lot of work and it's not exactly the kind of work I like. Also some parts of the generator (specifically, text generation) are much harder to localize.