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some stuff in the hinterlands can be quite horrifying. and there is a particular scene leading to the ruthless route i've found to be rather heart wrenching. i find that horror is a matter of tone setting, there are more than enough concepts present that could be spinned into a horror story. it just might not feel like it depending on the approach that the writing presents it. as far as i understand, minohotel main tone is about healing. if we were to pick at each of the characters traumas and devolved on them, there could have some very depressing results.

Which scene from the ruthless route?


not from, before it. there's a panic attack scene and mc goes to "confort" asterion to keep appearances but it actually damages him psychologically even further. it's really fucked up. in some ways i find it's darker than when asterion gets thrown in the pit to be ripped to shreds