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OMG, I absolutely love it! Your art is so good it's ridiculous, and it's duck knights! Tournament music! Constant quacking! You literally pick up speed! Of course some technical polish wouldn't hurt, like a big seamless collision in the end. Do that, make a mobile build where you tap left and right side of a screen, and you'll have a solid mobile game in no time!

This is absolutely fantastic idea!!

We are mobile game developers, but i didn't even had an idea to port it to phones! You are genius! And on smaller screens it will be easy to play, bc eye will see everything from bigger distance.

I think, we will make local coop, where you can play if your phones are near.

Thanks a lot!!

And thanks for the great motivating feedback! For mobile version we will of cource fix all collisions problems and add better UX like radar, instruction, final knocking off..!

Btw, if you would like to try this on the Phone - join Discord! We would need testers ;)