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wooooo this was SO good !! i loved how there was multiple endings and i was pleasantly surprised to figure out there was romantic endings (completely read over the fact that waite and rowan are love interests. thought this was just gonna be a spooky horror vn) 

i dont want to spoil anything but the rejection endings were honestly my favourite endings. i also loved the option of not doing anything and how sometimes thats even the right option. 

i just love the game overall :-) with horror games im always worried theyll just rely on jumpscares (either loud noises or sudden images) but this was more atmospheric!! i loved the music. LOVED the characters. the art is also really good and surprisingly cute??  

dont know if this counts as a spoiler but the description of what's happening during the death scene in the upside-down room...made me physically ill BUT IN A GOOD WAY i love when horror physically affects me whether its a sick feeling or tensing up. thats when i know its really good

anyways i just really love this game and everything about it so if you do ever decide to expand the story that would be AMAZING. (god rereading this and just count how many times i said love)

Glad you enjoyed!

The scene you mentioned kept making me think that there should be art with a lot of the scenes to add to the horror. Of course, we are limited in time and no budget, but it would be fun to work on art for more scenes someday.

As Razumi (Rowan's VA) already said, glad you enjoyed it!

Regarding that death scene, my editor pushed me to make it as descriptive as possible. (Heck after polishing several of the death scenes, he asked me if I wanted to make them longer. So if we do expand...expect even longer deaths.) >=3