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this game is so adorable i love it so much but turning down the sfx doesnt seem to work :( im using the downloadable mac version if that helps at all

havent played this yet but i was really drawn to the art :D the artist nailed the style of the game, and i love that you can choose which name joker uses

i finally played through step 4 and i was reminded of how much i love this game <3 at first i was hesitant to list off all the things i love about this game but im gonna go ahead and do that because if a game is so good and so immersive that i play it in basically one sitting, i am obligated to praise it. (potential spoiler warnings idk i dont really go in depth about anything)

  • this may not be important to some people but i love that step 4 mentions cove is autistic. it made me connect with him a lot more now that we had another similarity and its always nice to see more characters in media that just... are autistic.
  • the customizability !!! and decisions !! outside of the character creator, i loved that we were able to make our character feel a certain way about their body and identity, and theres even a part to define your sexuality if u want. and even changing your pronouns in-between steps has an effect, even if its a small one like the story mentioning that characters used your new pronouns. just the fact you can be lgbt warms my heart.
  • speaking of lgbt i love that there are multiple lgbt characters within the story !! especially terry it made me happy when it mentioned that terry and the player would confide in each other about changes and gender if the player was also trans.
  • the description mentions this but it really is a "feel-good" and "feel-better" game. maybe not in the way they intended but i played through as myself so to hear characters i loved reassure me and tell me things would be okay about situations i had dealt with / am dealing with, it did make me feel better <3
  • more of a different vibe than the other points but i loved that shiloh and jeremy were here :) its cool to see characters from a creators other game make an appearance but it was like a little treat this time because those two are actually my favourites from xoxo droplets
  • honestly loved drawing out the confession until the very last moment, to the point that cove was the one who confessed. and in general i love that there are different ways to establish their relationship whether its at the beginning of a step or in one of the moments.

these arent all my thoughts but hopefully it gets the idea across<3 i stayed up way too long to finish this in one go so if you see any typos: no you dont

;o; im so excited for the full game already !! i love the art style and i like how more complex the relationship building is !!

i'm so happy the full game is finally out! ive been supporting it since forever and would play the demo every time a new one came out! it was a pleasant surprise that the whole game is free (and i was completely willing to pay) but i will be buying the dlc just because i love this game THAT much. thank you for a wonderful game :]

wooooo this was SO good !! i loved how there was multiple endings and i was pleasantly surprised to figure out there was romantic endings (completely read over the fact that waite and rowan are love interests. thought this was just gonna be a spooky horror vn) 

i dont want to spoil anything but the rejection endings were honestly my favourite endings. i also loved the option of not doing anything and how sometimes thats even the right option. 

i just love the game overall :-) with horror games im always worried theyll just rely on jumpscares (either loud noises or sudden images) but this was more atmospheric!! i loved the music. LOVED the characters. the art is also really good and surprisingly cute??  

dont know if this counts as a spoiler but the description of what's happening during the death scene in the upside-down room...made me physically ill BUT IN A GOOD WAY i love when horror physically affects me whether its a sick feeling or tensing up. thats when i know its really good

anyways i just really love this game and everything about it so if you do ever decide to expand the story that would be AMAZING. (god rereading this and just count how many times i said love)

oh my gosh im so excited!! i forgot about this even though i was really excited when i found out the release date but at least i follow you so itchio notified me!! havent even played it (i did play the demo tho!) but i already love it :,)

this is one of the demos i still check up on occasionally to see if theres any new updates!! i can't believe it's been a while (like a year? or 2 idk) since i last played and i cant wait for you to eventually finish it! its one of my favourites since games that take place in school always interested me :-) (speaking of school: ill actually be taking chemistry next school year so i wonder if ill actually understand what mr kagaku is saying) anyways!! this is a great game and i cant wait for the next demo!

it's been a really long time since i've played this game, but i always come back to check on it and see how it's coming along! It's one of the few games that are stuck in their "demo phase" that i still support, even if there hasn't been any news about it in a while. still, im excited for the full game! can't believe it'll be 2 years since the release of the demo in 2 months, and im still here. anyways, enough rambling! like i said, i havent played it in a really long time, but i thought id drop down here anyways to show some support!

pretty bad at writing comments, but i thought id make an effort since this is a game i love and have been (silently) supporting since i downloaded it.