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I loved it! I've always been a big fan of these short little "help people around town" quests, but what really won me over was the epilogue at the end, with the camera zooming around to show what happened to all the villagers you helped!

I didn't even realize there were multiple ways to end the game! I thought I had gotten a perfect score, but only had 10/12. Despite that, I loved the art style, audio, and quirky world you built here! Good job! (one issue was that pressing space does not close the text boxes)

Thank's for your comment! Yes, there are multiple endings depending on which choices you've chosen. There are also quests that do not directly involve NPC (cobwebs, lost cow, bone) so you probably have missed a couple of these.


Actually, the cobwebs, lost cow, and bone were the very first ones I figured out! I wanted to see how far the map extended and found these quests naturally! I loved the cow quest, because I first noticed I could push animals, and then I saw a saw cow all on its own, so I naturally tried to push it back up to its cow friends! That was just a brilliant quest idea!


Honestly that's my favourite quest too. What I've originally wanted to say with this game, "It's the subtle things that matter the most!"