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I liked how you avoided making a runcycle for your character :)
Graphics are simple but fitting, yet music is missing :( every hardcore platformer needs a catchy tune in my opinion.
Maybe take a look at freesounds and stuff or ask a sound guy/girl to make sth cool for you (im one by myself, so I can tell you that most sound people love to get asked for such things).

However there was a level goal that didnt let me through so I assumed that I was finished.
The difficulty was perfect in my opinion.

Good game, thanks for making it

Thanks, a lot for the feedback! You are right about music that is something I struggle with. The ending of the game is unfinished :(

Good to hear that its just unfinished...
I was already worrying that your game gave me so much hell that I was finally too dumb for walking through a door ^^

Yeap, sometimes underwhelming ending is a price for better gameplay :D

Nicely said