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Hey there, so I gave the game a try and definitely found what you said to be true. It was pretty confusing to start out. I chose easy mode with the tutorial option expecting the controls to be explained more than just with a layout and I think the game suffers from both it's lack of explanation on how to interact with the environment and the consolidation of interaction. Having the light toggle and interaction on the same button led to me turning my light on and off when not meaning to and some general confusion on how the game was intended to work. You have a pretty solid atmosphere here, but it seems like the AI systems in an random environment creates more problems than it solves. I did get pretty frustrated and left the game without much progress due to most of what I perceived to be the issues, so take my feedback with a grain of salt. 


You are right... the game is so buggy.. and also I tend to make everything harder thats no joy, btw had fun watching your gameplay... I'll re upload the game in a few minutes!