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Thanks for your feedback, you should replay it I fixed a lot of bugs, keep up!!

Am I really required to use the software Houdini to participate? 

or is it good enough if I make use of "Game Jam Starter Kit" asset?

Link is working now :)

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Glad you enjoyed it! It was only a prototype but your issues are very welcomed. I hope I will upload the final versión to iOS!

BTW nice score my sister just did 300 HAHA!

seems fun... sadly I don't have any android device, could you upload a webgl version? :D

Maybe I’m being too optimistic... but is good to know. BTW does submitting the game in .exe (PC) decreases the chance of winning?

I’m trying to prevent it from uploading it to de App Store...

is it? :D


Got any synthwave or futuristic tune?


What would you say about a first person adventure game? 

(Just seeing all the options avaible)

Something we can use as guidance also... can it have combat, tactics or be open world? 

Hi, How long did it take you to make this game?

Es posible subir juegos que ya estaban en desarrollo, pero al final del Jam ya se sube la versión final?

Having fun is what a game is about, at least you had it. I invite you to follow me so you’ll know when the game is finally released!

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Those scares tho... the game is not so playable, I’d say is to hard and glitchy. Greetings!

That was fun haha, reduce the quality in the main menú to play it smoothly!

you are funny broh, sadly you played the very first version of the game with the annoying excessive amount of times you got to press that button. 

Hey, thanks for playing. Unfortunately you tried the very first version of the demo with lots of glitches. You can try the new one or just wait for final release. Regards

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Glad you like it. It took me about 3 months but as you could notice is that I didn’t include all the content yet... needs more polish.

Btw that tournament it’s by genre or just all types of games?

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Nothing we cannot fix right? btw you are fun to watch!

You are right... the game is so buggy.. and also I tend to make everything harder thats no joy, btw had fun watching your gameplay... I'll re upload the game in a few minutes!

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That was actually funny... you actually attempted hard. Well, to be honest I tried to reduce the content... but I made a fatal mistake. I'll reupload it and I would like you to try it again :D

Updated! Please try it Neco

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Hey Neco thanks for your feedback!!

I watched it, it’s actually funny, liked it. I could see a lot of bugs and things to fix thanks to you.I’ll update the project very soon.

Maybe is too hard... maybe not... but there are no keys in the first room, you must find a way to escape it.