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Thanks for the extensive review!

I noticed that many people have a problem with finding a way out of this underground, I will try to fix it in the future updates.

1) Implementing animations of sword swings are easy to do, complete combat system with complex AI is a bit more complicated and, to be honest, it is possible that the topic has surpassed us, so non-combat exploration mode can be the only one ;)

2) Character model is a free model of space pirate from with only changed textures and hairs, I am not a character artist, and I don't know anyone who can help, so I can't promise anything in this topic.

Thanks for playing!

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Your're welcome. No combat? That's totally ok, because I think there are already more then enough games out there who are centered around some form of fighting (feels like 80% of all games are), so for me anything without it is a welcome change. 

Is it very complicated to work with character models? I guess just snapping off those heels isn't as easy as I imagined. You would probably also have to change all animation when doing that, and thats another pair of shoes (pun intended) additionally. But thanks for clearing that up, I was really wondering, why the model would have such a weird detail, while the rest of the world feels so consistently designed. I mean I've got nothing against some sexy boots in general, but it should make sense inside the game's world (like for example if you play as a secret agent or assassin infiltrating a brothel or trying to get to a target at a dinner party or something like that). It just bothers me when it doesn't, but maybe that's just me...