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Hey there. Really a beautiful little game you've made and in such short time. Very impressive! The level design feels really intuitive, subtly guiding the player in the right direction, but still giving him the freedom to find his way and explore (except for maybe that underground area where you have to jump between those narrow, long "stone paths", i just couldn't find the exit).

I read through your dev blog entry aswell, awesome that you will continue to expand and enhance the game! Climbing is really needed as others have already pointed out. I have two other things I want to add:

1) From some preview screenshots it looks like there is going to be combat in future iterations of the game. I would suggest to keep this sparse however, because the game really lives from this all-alone-exloring-forgotten-ruins-vibe. Combat is a thing the new Tomb Raider games for example overdo compared to say the very first TR. Maybe you could add a non-combat exploration mode aswell for people who just want to do that.

2) I really like the overall design and the design of the protagonist. But one thing is a total immersion breaker for me: Why is she wearing those huge heels??? She is jumping, parkouring, climbing (hopefully in the future) and hiking around, it just doesn't make any sense. Please remove those awful heels!

Ok so much for my imput and keep up the awesome work! ;)

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Thanks for the extensive review!

I noticed that many people have a problem with finding a way out of this underground, I will try to fix it in the future updates.

1) Implementing animations of sword swings are easy to do, complete combat system with complex AI is a bit more complicated and, to be honest, it is possible that the topic has surpassed us, so non-combat exploration mode can be the only one ;)

2) Character model is a free model of space pirate from with only changed textures and hairs, I am not a character artist, and I don't know anyone who can help, so I can't promise anything in this topic.

Thanks for playing!

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Your're welcome. No combat? That's totally ok, because I think there are already more then enough games out there who are centered around some form of fighting (feels like 80% of all games are), so for me anything without it is a welcome change. 

Is it very complicated to work with character models? I guess just snapping off those heels isn't as easy as I imagined. You would probably also have to change all animation when doing that, and thats another pair of shoes (pun intended) additionally. But thanks for clearing that up, I was really wondering, why the model would have such a weird detail, while the rest of the world feels so consistently designed. I mean I've got nothing against some sexy boots in general, but it should make sense inside the game's world (like for example if you play as a secret agent or assassin infiltrating a brothel or trying to get to a target at a dinner party or something like that). It just bothers me when it doesn't, but maybe that's just me...